Super 6 playing everything a half step up

Hey everybody,

I can’t seem to figure out why my Super 6 is playing everything a half step up. I’m sure it’s something simple, but can’t figure it out!

Anybody have this issue before?

Thanks in advance!

Yeah it happened to me. I had forgotten that I used SHIFT+OCTAVE switch and shifted the keyboard up a semitone. If the OCTAVE switch is blinking, then the semitones have been adjusted. If not blinking, you should send UDO Support an email.

EDIT: I am using the keyboard btw and I mean the octave switch in the performance section on the lefthand side.

That was the fix! I’m also using the keyboard, forgot to mention that … My OCTAVE switch was blinking, I must have done that at some point as well. Cleared that, now I’m back to normal. Thank you !!!

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