S6 Out of Tune by 1/2 Step

Somewhere along the way, S6 has gotten out of tune by a half step lower than normal. I’m sure this is an easy fix, but does anyone know how to reset it? I’ve tried the master fine tune and going all the way to the left (negative semitone) gets it almost the way there, but it’s still off.

Hi, left and right octave lever on KB transposes the synth up and down semitones in shift mode. The encoder fine tunes it. The central octave led will stop blinking when you are back in A440.

On the desktop, semitone transpose is set with SHIFT → TRNSP then adjust encoder. The LED pattern will show you if you’ve transposed up and down or at at a440

For the new transpose settings to be saved to non volatile memory you need to wait roughly 30s without interacting with the instrument before power cycling.