SUPER 6 tuning issues (whole synth almost one semitone sharp)


It seems my super 6 is almost one whole semitone sharp (A on the keyboard registers as a B flat -41.5 cents on my strobe tuner). Anyone else experienced this?

This issue is consistent across the whole synth (i.e. every patch, including the default - Shift + Manual). Here’s what I have tried so far to fix the issue:

  • I am running the latest firmware 0.25
  • Power cycling (turning the synth off and on)
  • Adjusting the transposition switch (Shift + Transpose)
  • Tuning cycle (Shift + Tune in the Mod Matrix section)
  • Global reset as per the manual, but this had no effect at all: factory presets were not restored (well, the patches I had made/saved made were not deleted).

Obviously the synth is unusable in this state, so any help would be greatly appreciated!


The support team at UDO were very quick to respond to my email to them. I did another factory reset as per their instructions (not as per the manual - see below) and the problem was fixed.

The manual says to perform a Global Reset by turning the Super 6 off, hold the manual button, then turn on the synth. This achieved nothing for me. The instructions I received from the support team were:

  • Turn on your Super 6.
  • Press and hold the MANUAL button for about 5 seconds until all LEDs turn off and on again.
  • After this, the autotune procedure will be initiated automatically. At this point you can release the MANUAL button and wait for the autotune procedure to complete.

I know that’s how you tune the filters - that’s in the Global Settings section of the manual - but that affected your oscillator tuning too? Or was it just your filter tuning that was off?

On further reflection, I think I’ve realised what happened…

I must have accidentally adjusted the Master Fine Tune when I was working within the Mod Matrix. It would be pretty easy (for someone new to the instrument!) to do without realising: all it takes is pushing Shift and then turning the Mod Amount (intentionally or otherwise!).

Anyway, I hope my posts save others some time when trouble shooting this!