Issue with my Super 6

Hi all,

As support is down for festive period I thought I’d post on here.

New to my super 6 and having an issue with a constant tone playing. I’ve updated the firmware, selected manual mode and I’m trying to play via the keyboard. This tone isn’t affected by the VCA, with all envelope faders down and set to envelope 2 on the VCA.

I’ve also noticed that when I adjust the master volume dial I get really weird signals rather than a linear adjustment of the amplitude. It seems to trigger raw triangle waves and at +4 on the master volume I get no sound at all.

Not sure if this is a fault in the unit or if there’s something basic I’m overlooking but I really can’t resolve it and have been spending a while, steadily losing my mind.

Further context - I bought this off ebay a few years ago and it seemed fine, but for various reasons haven’t played it in a while since then - and now since trying to use it today I’m getting these issues.

If anyone can help that would be great. Pretty concerned my unit needs considerable repairs. Cosmetically it’s not damaged, and can’t see anything ostensibly wrong, but I have moved place and it’s not impossible something could have occurred during a move.

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Think it’s probably a broken VCA chip or something like that. Here is the signal when moving the Master Volume with said tone that ignores envelope but not filter.