Noise/crackling in the right channel on the 6th voice count

I just got this beautiful instrument (desktop) and love it.

It’s my 3rd day with it and I discover something not-so-nice :frowning:
I hear crackling/noise on the right channel on some patches.

At first, I thought it might be something wrong with my headphones, (when I heard it the first day…) Today I tried some other HPs and had the same problem.

So definitely the problem is with the super 6 d.
I made some tests and found out that e.g. with the init patch, I get this noise whenever the 6th note is played.

I guess one of the VCAs is faulty (but I hope it’s just an SW bug, if that is possible).

to reproduce:
On the init patch, I close the filter completely and open the VCA fully (ENV LEVEL fully turned up). rest untouched.
Then I play the keys and on the 6th note (voice) - there comes the noise, and so on and so forth.

Can someone please try this too and let me know? thanks a lot!

I am on FW 0.53 (also init patch is 0.53)

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I would reach out directly to UDO Support on their website - they are usually very prompt in rectifying situations. Sounds like either a small fault or a calibration issue, that behavior is not normal.
Don’t worry, you’re in good hands!

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Thank you @avery.moss.magic
Since you mentioned that the behaviour is not normal, I assume you tried it and had no noise/crackling in any voice, right?
I did open a support ticket as you suggested - let’s see.
I hope I don’t have to return the beauty and a simple secret calibration mode (key combo) does the trick…

Have you tried reducing the VCA Env level to see if that makes a difference? I recall max VCA Env level can cause crackling distortion when near the limit.

Thanks but no.
Even though with VCA ENV Level fully up, the other voices were fine.
Anyhow the problem was now confirmed by UDO as a faulty voice card.
My dealer replaced it with a new unit and all is fine, and I am in synth heaven really :slight_smile: