S6 Desktop, V0.30, Patch D2 glitch/blast?

Just received a new Desktop. Updated firmware to 0.30. Any encounter when going to preset D2 there’s a weird glitch and then next notes you play there’s a huuuge noise blast?

FWIW, I went through every other bank and preset and could not repeat this. So I just saved an init blank patch over D2 and hopefully this won’t show up again.

With firmware version 0.26 we have boosted the output signal generated by the VCA by +6dB and also improved the signal to noise ratio by the same amount. As a result, some of the patches - particularly those with previously high ENV LEVEL settings - might cause clipping. Whenever this is the case, readjusting the ENV LEVEL setting in the VCA section will solve the issue. Please note that the MASTER VOLUME setting has no effect on the amount of gain staging happening in the VCA section, meaning that clipping artifacts can even occur when the MASTER VOLUME is set to low amounts.

In short: If you feel like a patch is causing too much clipping, simply readjust the ENV LEVEL setting in the VCA section and save the patch with the new setting.


Thanks for the info! As a new user, I was slowly getting acquainted with the Super 6 yesterday.

Happy to say that if I respect the clipping levels, all modulations are super duper and glitch-free. All the audio-rate stuff is wonderful!