Volume spike on factory patch D2

Anyone else getting massive volume spikes when playing factory patch D2?

The volume spikes much higher than the master volume. It’s so abrupt & loud that it feels very bad for my speakers / headphones.

It’s definitely the Super 6 causing the issue - it happens when connected to monitors, headphones or my DAW.

I recorded the issue - mp3 recording here (volume warning)

Any ideas?

I’ve gotten the same massive spikes on mine too. Whenever play or create some of my bass sounds, if I have the Amp ENV all the way up, anytime the master vol is anything less than all the way turned right, I experience several spikes.

Hi, issue was covered previously I think, the last update boosted the output level as some users thought it was a bit quiet. Means its now possible to overload the output on some patches. Just lower the amp level to get rid of it.


Thanks transceive!

So the suggestion was to lower the amp level and overwrite the patch. So my next question is: how do you overwrite a factory patch?

I followed the instructions in the manual (hold the white patch button for 3 secs, lights flash to confirm) but when I come back to that patch (D2 in this case) the pre-save factory patch is loaded. It looks like it’s impossible to overwrite the factory patches with a new version.

Or am I missing something?

I asked the same question a while back.
Solution here: New owner... 2 weird problems

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I wish I new this before running through Patches on a brand new out of the box Super Six yesterday. :exploding_head:

Its been a problem for awhile I see, Dealer and Importer had no clue what was happening. I literally almost blew the PA speakers and if I was wearing headphones would have killed my ears… its craZy that with volume all the way OFF it still screams so loud.
Thanks to this forum I have found the FIX.

JeZZZZZ UDO :flushed:at least put something in the box as a warning or get with Distributors/Dealers to tell them about this.

On a good note: The Super Six has been a joY of a instrument so far…