Volume spike in delay feedback

I’ve experienced a frustrating issue that is either a quirk or I’m misunderstanding something about the delay feedback.

If I put the delay feedback to 100% to get a chaotic wash of sound for a while the delay stays at a reasonable volume. Not entirely expected but super useful. The unexpected part is if I back off to around 85% the volume increases by a lot

I’m used to riding the feedback knob so the sound doesn’t turn into a deafening howl of feedback but the delay on the super 6 means I need to watch the delay level when I back off the feedback. Am I missing something here?


I’ve noticed that too, but was allways too busy with making music to look in the documentation if this is a bug or a feature.

To me this sounds like a bug. Even if there is the intentional option to run the delay with more than 100% feedback, it makes no sense to me if this occures on a knob position below 100%.


+1, noticed this too. Would be great in the next update to get this dialled back properly. Riding the delay feedback is fun for performing but this makes it a bit tricky.


I am assuming this is there to prevent the volume spiking when you go into full feedback territory. I find it a nice design since it becomes a semi looper type of feedback instead of a giant volume swell when it’s all the way up.

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I can see how it’s useful but that might be negated by the massive volume jump when backing off the feedback.
Reducing the feedback amount is the most natural sounding way of removing delay- having to lower the level manually sounds a bit off