No sound in Manual mode?

Hey Everyone!
Just got a Super 6 desktop yesterday and couldn’t be happier with it.
I had a question about Manual mode that could just as easily be user-error as a bug.

I receive sound from all of the preset patches as well as init, but when I switch to manual mode I can’t make any sound appear. No amount of slider+knob movements/tweaks will cause a sound. Is that normal? Does manual only work with the init patch?

I just updated to the latest firmware and the “issue” is still there. Again, could totally be my misunderstanding of manual mode.

Thank you all very much! So excited to finally have a Super 6!!

Hi, be sure to have ENV LEVEL up in VCA to around 0dB. ENV2 sustain up, CUTOFF up. Master Volume should generally be set high. This should get you hearing sound in MANUAL mode.


I knew it had to be user error :man_facepalming:

Is there a reason why it’s 2 instead of 1? Happy to check in the manual as well if it’s said there!

You’re welcome!

A useful tip is that the init patch can be made very quickly in MANUAL mode. The knob and fader positions are given in a picture at the front of the operating manual. This is a great jumping off point for sound design.

Regarding your question, Since the VCA follows the VCF in the signal path, it seemed logical that ENV2 should be rightmost and normalled to the VCA when laying out the panel.