Start up patch

It seems random whether the Super 6 will load the last patch I was using.

Sometimes it will start up with the last patch I was playing, but sometimes it will revert to the previous start up patch, even though I changed to another patch since before I turned it off… and I would expect it just to load the last patch I was on.

If it a bug or do you need to do something specific to get it to stay on your patch you want?

Does this make any sense?

How does yours behave?

Pretty sure it always boots to the startup patch on mine, 0.26. Hitting “Manual” is usually the first thing I do. You can replace the startup patch with whatever you like, and it will always load that:

Changing the Default Patch – UDO Audio Support (

It would be nice to have some options like “Always boot to Manual mode”.

Didn’t know about the start up patch folder thing. I have never even messed with that before.

Mines has just (unreliably) booted from the last patch I was playing with.

For instance I was playing the E1 a few times and it boots up to that patch when I turn it on. But then I switch to patch H2 and turn it off. I turn it back on but it goes back to E1, I switch to H2 again, turn off. Next time I visited the synth it now boots up on H2. !

I assumed it just loaded to the last used patch, but was buggy.

Having to manually choose what patch it boots to is lame, I hated that on Roland synths, it’s borderline useless. Can we not just have it auto boot to where you were last time before you turned it off? Like an automatic bookmark?

Mines kind of does that right now, but very unreliably. Strange…

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Mine doesn’t do this. It always goes to the default patch like Hermetech said.

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Mine loads a default patch as well, which I have set up as an init patch. However, the patch and bank buttons are lit and blinking for the patch I was playing, so all I have to do is press the blinking patch button and I’m into the the last patch I was playing.

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Mine is always blinking with an INIT patch when you start it but you press the button to get to the actual patch underneath. The patch that it starts up with changes on its own though, it isn’t a pre-determined one, it is one I have been using previously…

I would prefer this option too … because it’s the only one with WYSIWYH! (What You See Is What You Hear :wink: )

Any changes applied to the patch selection will be stored to the non-volatile memory after about 30 seconds of no interaction with the instrument. Only then the patch you last selected will be retrieved upon power cycle. It’s the same with any changes applied to the global settings.


If you erase the init patch from the boot disk and all patches from the SUPER6 drive, then the Super 6 will be forced to always boot in manual mode.


Cool, that could be useful, but not sure I’d want to be without any presets. I’m presuming if you save a preset it stops working like that?

Correct. This only works without any patches.

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Hardcore old school no preset analogue stylee… :slight_smile: Good to know that’s an option!

Would be nice to have this manual mode behaviour if there is simply no init patch.

If there is no init patch file on the boot disk, the Super 6 will load the last active patch upon power cycle.

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So all I gotta do is not touch anything for 30 seconds and it will now boot from this patch am I on when I boot every time?

Seems to have worked…

This solves the mystery.

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Yep, a manual update would be useful with all these cool new/hidden functions, but can understand they probably want to leave that until after the next firmware, if it’s gonna be a big one with lots of changes.

The draft for the 3rd manual revision has actually been completed last week. But you’re correct: it won’t be released before the next firmware update. I’ll make sure to add the passages that can already be disclosed to our FAQ section in the coming days.


Fabulous, thank you for being so active on here recently! And I’ll keep an eye out for changes on your already excellent FAQ pages. :wink:

I’ve added and modified a couple of articles in our knowledge base so it now contains all the new features that have been added since the second revision of the manual:

Updating the Firmware

Selecting Alternative Waveforms for DDS 1

Processing an External Audio Signal

How to Use the DRIFT Parameter

Cross Modulation

Envelope Keytrack

Global Fine Tune

Synchronising the Rate of LFO 1 (including a clock division table with parameter settings)

Synchronising the Delay Time (including a clock division table with parameter settings)

Synchronising the Tempo to an External Clock Signal (including a clock division table with parameter settings)

Patch, Sequence & Waveform Management

Changing the Init Patch

How to avoid clipping


Fantastic, thank you!