Last patch cannot be recreated after a reboot

Hi folks!

I have used my Super6 for six months now and in principal I am super excited with it.
However from time to time it happened that I created a really fantastic patch, saved it correctly, but after a restart of my S6 the patch sounded significantly different. I was not able to recreate it like before. This is so annoying!

In the first weeks I was sure that this had something to do with my lack of knowledge, but meanwhile I am very sure that this has something to do with firmware or is a result of some weird analog interference concerning analog/digital interface. I have the impression that either S6 does not boot correctly in rare cases and gives super-interesting patches then (which can never been recreated later) or the S6 can get into very interesting (extreme interferic) sonical territory, but which is not saved correctly.

This behaviour has also been observed by others, see Thomann’s review for the blue S6 there!
I cite: “When creating certain patches I got some interesting/strange side-effects or resonances, however I was not able to re-create them after reboot”

Last week I was in awesome filter territory concerning the resonance. The resonance slider acted as it had implemented a factor of 4 booster. I was not able to observe this behaviour after a restart.

no idea, mike

I’ve noticed some kind of strange behaviour that might explain this:

My Super 6 seems to have stability issues over time, especially if i do a lot of patch changes.
Stability isseus means: It no longer behaves in an expected way with all functions.
Some controllers work not correctly, voice assign in non-binaural mode ist not consequently alternating anymore left/right, in Poly1 mode some notes presses do not retrigger envelopes etc.
After switching it off/on again and pressing the MANUAL button everything works fine again.
… except that now the patch might sound differently than before because it now represents the real knob settings and all sideeffects of bugs are eliminated.
… and except that eventually unsaved custom waveforms of LFO1 and an unsaved MOD matrix might be lost.

So, before creating a new patch from scratch it could be a good idea to do a “cold start” (= turn off/on), especially if one played a lot of different patches before.

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