Randomising parameters

Using my Super 6 yesterday and experienced the same thing twice. While modifying a preset (for a good while) the sound suddenly cut out and when it came back it was a completely different sound. It was almost like I had pressed the ‘manual’ button. But I didn’t.

I’ve only had the unit about 6 weeks and last time I checked it was running the latest firmware.

I couldn’t find any other posts referring to this but maybe it’s a known issue…?


Is it possible that you pressed the “patch” button? Doing so allows you to A/B with the saved patch and modified patch.

Otherwise, I haven’t heard of this bug nor experienced it myself, so my guess is that it’s something on your end and not a bug. If you keep experiencing this issue, I would contact support and see if there’s anything they could tell you about it!

Thanks for the response Mannerow. I don’t remember pressing anything tbh. I think I had my hands on a slider, so I guess it’s possible I may have elbowed a button maybe, but I don’t think I did…I’ll have to be a little more observant next time (if it happens again). I’m hoping it was user error, but I’m not 100%.

Thanks man.

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No problem!

I think, for the most part, it’s a pretty intuitive synth, but there are some hidden functions, and differences compared to other synths I own. It definitely takes a little bit of time to get to know the Super 6. That said there are still some bugs to iron out in future firmware updates, so keep an eye out for this problem in case it happens again!