Create own startup default patch

I do not like to startup after power on with the existing default patch but to create my own one. This might also be good for shops where the Super 6 is presented, because clients switch on and can hear already the best possible patch and not the naked initial patch.

Answer from UDO (Mike) how to create your own default patch:

You can certainly create your own default patch. All you have to do is to save the patch you’d like to be the new default patch as “init_patch.s6” on your computer and copy it to the SUPER6-BOOT drive in bootloader mode.

To activate bootloader mode follow these steps:

  1. Power off your Super 6 and wait a few seconds.

  2. Whilst holding down the SHIFT button, power on your Super 6 and continue to hold the SHIFT button.

  3. Progress LEDs will cycle through the patch & bank buttons, and the SHIFT button will continue blinking (make sure that this is the case, restart step 2 if not).

  4. Release the SHIFT button.

After you activated bootloader mode, do the following:

  1. Connect your Super 6 to your computer using a USB cable.

  2. The Super 6’s boot disk appears as a disk drive on your computer (the disk is approx 2.7 MB in size).

  3. Delete default patch file “init_patch.s6” from the Super 6’s boot disk.

  4. Make sure to empty the trash if you are a Mac user, or the update will not be possible.

  5. Copy your desired default patch file named “init_patch.s6” from your computer to the boot disk.

  6. If asked if you want to copy files without properties, choose “yes”.

  7. Make sure the file transfer is complete.

  8. Turn your Super 6 off, wait a few seconds and turn the power back on again.


Cool, I was wondering about this too.

There might be a simpler way to achieve this. When a patch in the buffer memory is saved, it becomes the startup patch next time. I wondered about why a certain patch seemed to always appear at startup after I switched off at some other patch, so experimented a bit…

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