Tunning Issues - Super 6 Desktop

I am trying to record some ideas, and noticed the super 6 desktop is off by a semitone
Every time I start up the synth, when I play notes it’s out of tune
when I play a C note, I get a C# flat
I tried the shift + transpose and was able to bring it to a Flat C
but that’s not good enough
can’t seem to get it in tune, so that I can use it to record melodic content that involves other instruments like a guitar or other synths
has anyone been able to fix this issue?

So I did a Global Reset!

  • Turn on your Super 6.
  • Press and hold the MANUAL button for about 5 seconds until all LEDs turn off and on again.
  • After this, the autotune procedure will be initiated automatically. At this point you can release the MANUAL button and wait for the autotune procedure to complete.

and seems to be working (Playing in Tune)