Tuning your Super 6 or Super Gemini

Hi everyone,

For a lot of people. The master tuning pitch seems to be something arbitrary. As if it does not matter which to choose.
To me, as I noticed. It is important to tune your instrument to yourself. Which makes it easier to connect with your instrument.

But how do you do that?
First off, you should feel in a comfortable and peaceful state.
To make it easier you could record this.
You breathe in and sing one tone. Don’t push it, often it is just the tone you produce when speaking.
(your base tone)
If that still feels too complicated. Say U-D-O and hold the O.

With this recorded, you turn your instrument on, and go to the tuning settings:
(from manual)
Master Fine Tune
In addition to the transpose function, you can also fine tune the Super
6. To enter the master fine tune mode, press the SHIFT button. You will
then be able to adjust the fine tuning by means of the MOD AMOUNT
rotary control.

You play your recording of your voice and look for that note on your instrument (just listen and walk on your keyboard (With your fingers, not with your feet),
probably somewhere in the lower octaves.
Also, choosing DDS1 Sine wave makes it easier as it only contains the fundamental tone).
The note closest to your voice, you hold. Then you adjust the fine tune accordingly untill your voice and your instrument are one.

Now you and your instrument are in tune. (as you tuned the instrument to YOU and not to some random standard tuning)
Enjoy the play!

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