Reason 11 doesn't see my Super 6

Hi, just got my Super 6. Awesome. But my DAW does not see the board.
My computer does. It shows up as 2 drives. Any suggestions ? Really want to
start midi sequencing with it.
Thanks !

Midi over USB not supported yet in the current firmware. Use MIDI cables for now.

Hey really appreciate the quick reply.

I remember in the manual it said you shouldn’t use USB and Midi cables simultaneously. Is that true even though Midi over USB doesn’t work?

Ah, this is from manual:
Note: Try to avoid using the MIDI ports and the USB port simultaneously. While the Super 6 can transmit data from both types of ports at the same time, incoming MIDI messages from different sources connected via the MIDI and USB ports can cause the Super 6 to behave in erratic ways due to overlapping information being received.