MIDI issue routing through DAW


I’ve recorded a video on the problem I’m experiencing when routing MIDI from the Super 6 to a DAW. As you will see in the video it doesn’t work (anymore).

I apologize for talking a bit inconsistent at times and the mediocre audio quality, but I did not plan this video at all. And I’m also not a trained video entertainer :wink: That said, the problem should be pretty clear.

Anyone else experiencing this? I’m using the very latest Windows 10 (June 2021 update) on an AMD Ryzen 3900x system.

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Hello, you can test this: disable local on → off and connect midi out super 6 to midi in super 6, logically it must work normally.

That’s a very simple, but smart suggestion :slight_smile:

That way it works perfectly, so it does seem to be the processing of the signal via computer. Not that it makes the problem any easier to solve but at least the hardware midi out is alright.

…and out of nowhere the problem disappeared. Which is good on one hand; on the other hand: knowing the root cause would have been better.

There’s been wide reporting of USB issues on X570 motherboards (AMD Ryzen). AMD has been releasing BIOS updates to fix the issue for a few months now. Should anyone experience similar issues on an X570 system, let me know. Thanks.

Thanks for sharing your experience! :wink:

I experienced USB MIDI issues (mainly horrible latency) on my otherwise extremely fast and allmost actual AMD based PC.
But it’s “only” my developement system, so i didn’t invest any effort in this, because the rest works fine.

The previous system was Intel based and got it’s “second life” as a music PC and with this i’ve had no MIDI issues (but others with USB devices, mainly with Webcams).
Maybe i should look for a BIOS update for both.