Missing Notes Over Midi

First time posting to a forum but wanted to see if the community had any solution to this:

I’m using Ableton to sequence a basic pattern, but the notes keep dropping. It isn’t consistent either, sometimes it will play all but a couple notes, sometimes it missed half. The note trigger probability is at 100%. Everything is set up correctly over USB Midi and in the DAW. I’ve tested the sequence with other synths to determine the problem isn’t with the sequence itself.

I noticed a note on the website about missing Midi notes, but it had been posted three years ago. I’m using a desktop model mounted in a rack with plenty of airflow. It is kept dust and smoke free, protected from the elements. I have tested it on multiple patches, have the latest firmware, and have reset several times. I love this synth, but it’s refusing to play what I compose for it.

Any advice?

Have you tried DIN MIDI? If USB is via a hub, you might try going directly connected instead too.

I’m using almost the same setup, and pipe midi at my super 6 (keyboard version) from ableton via usb all the time.I don’t remember for sure, but I think it’s going through one of those electron usb hubs. I’ve never had any dropped notes FWIW.

If those things don’t help, it might be worth reaching out to support. Good luck! :slightly_smiling_face:

Hello @Kruzer

I had missing notes issues, too (I sold my Super6 because it had lots of unsolved issues, like this one). It dropped note that came after Program Change. I think the Super 6 processor does not have enough power to process all the information that may come to it at times, and it drops the note rather than playing it late.

Have you tried to slow down the tempo of your track ? Does it still miss some notes ?

I’ve tried DIN MIDI but experiencing the same issues. USB, DIN MIDI, MIDI interface, MIDI through Keystep; they all have the same issue. I haven’t been able to find a solution, so I guess I need to contact support.

Yep, slowed down or sped up, same issues. I just can’t get this synth to act right. After hours crafting a great sound, I can’t sequence it with MIDI. Thanks for the help though Denony, maybe I can figure something out with support or it will be fixed in the future.