Notes stuck when recieving MIDI information?

Hey Guys,

Has anyone experienced notes getting stuck when receiving MIDI data from a daw? I can’t seem to get past five minutes without notes ringing out uncontrollably and not being able to stop it without powering off the S6?

This is probably a bug that will hopefully be addressed in the coming firmware update but does anyone have a workaround for the time being?

Haven’t noticed it when sequencing from my daw, but I have a similar issue when playing the s6. Strangely, I cycle the sequencer and it fixes it momentarily. This should be fixed in the coming firmware update, as George mentioned an “overhaul of how the voices are being handled”.

Yup I get it in Cubase, but not in Live. Which DAW do you use?
Overlapping midi notes cause notes to be left hanging, until they eventually just give up entirely, and you have to power cycle or send the corresponding note off messages.

I have a workaround where I sent additional note offs to my super 6 to compensate for this through my blokas midihub.

If you search the forum you’ll see a more detailed response from me about this in other similar topics.

UDO told me they’d get Cubase to reproduce it when I reported it early this year.

Do us a favor and please send in a bug report to UDO though just so they know more people have the issue.

Okay, that’s great, I will seek out your previous post and also shoot over a bug report.

Btw, I am using Ableton live 11.

Yeh the hanging notes thing is a constant problem in Reaper too.

You can also clear hanging notes with an all notes off message - my motu midi express xt has this, but it’s on the other side of the studio and is getting very annoying.

The only “workaround” for me is to try to remember to hit stop before moving the song pointer to a new location.