Super 6 MIDI Freeze (automation from the DAW)

I just received my Super 6 Desktop, and it sounds really good. The build quality is extraordinary.

I’m using the latest firmware; however, I’m experiencing quite a bit of lag issues with the MIDI sent by my DAW.

When I perform automations, the notes no longer have the correct timing, as if the synth is freezing.

Have you encountered this kind of problem? I’ve tried both USB MIDI and MIDI DIN, but the issue persists.

Is the synth buggy?

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Most lag issues come from trying to use NRPN mode with DAW automations. This is generally either not well supported or not supported by most DAWs and for this reason may be disabled in future releases of the super 6 OS.

Choose TX/RX E and use CC mode which is P3 LED flashing (hi res mode disabled). This will greatly reduce the MIDI bandwidth used.


Thank you for taking the time to respond.

I tried last night and noticed an improvement, but I still have notes (sixteenth notes) that are out of sync.

I saw in the forum that a firmware update is soon to be released, so I will wait to see if it fixes the MIDI issue.

Have a good day

Any performance tests done on the number of events possible for the two MIDI modes?

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