DIN MIDI issues in Live and Logic Pro with Roland Octa-Capture

Have MIDI DIN in and out connected to Roland Octa-Capture and local off on Super 6. After a while of recording the Super 6 just goes haywire and makes strange sounds and does not respond anymore. My Virus TI works fine with this same interface. Have had the issue in Live and Logic Pro.

My Super 6 regularly freezes when using it in a similar setup (midi i/o, local off). I have to turn it off and back on again. It’s a mess.

I have a similar experience in Cubase that I reported to UDO before, and they said they were going to acquire a Cubase license to reproduce it.

What actually happens is that midi notes of the same note overlap, causing a mismatch in note on/offs, and that eventually makes weird sounds, and eventually voices seemingly disappear until there are none left.
What you can do to ‘fix’ it is to send multiple note offs to free up the voices again. This isn’t something you can easily do without handy midi tools though, so unless you can do that you might be forced to power cycle the Super 6 to clear it.

I tried this in Ableton Live and it doesn’t happen there, and that’s because Live prevents this from being able to happen.

I hope this will be fixed in the upcoming update, as I did get a positive reply from UDO about it that they’d get Cubase and reproduce it, but I didn’t hear anything else from them about it…so hopefully it’s not forgotten.

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It’s really a mess!
Some days ago i bought a Fishman Tripleplay Guitar MIDI Interface and got completely stuck in hanging voices and a fully crashed Super6 several times.

Today i tried to reproduce this and the synth works as if this was never ever a problem.
Funny thing, playing these powerful binaural presets from a guitar, especially because even the velocity is handled fine (but no aftertouch :clown_face: ).
But knowing that all this might crash within the next seconds is somehow frustrating. Don’t know what’s different today?!?

Hi MOOGelPackung, the button " sync " enabled
may have an impact.

This might be the reason.
Last time I tried to play along with background rhythm and chords having a central MIDI clock from my MPC, today I played without central MIDI clock (first). And after I activated the external sync the problems came back.

this was how to enable and disable midi clock, I will see if this makes any difference;

Hi, the external synchro midi is buggy (access shift + Ext Clk) but the other function of this button " sync " Access by press only and add lfo 1 and delay time synchronised by the tempo of (he sequencer / arpéggiator or external midi tempo is buggy too, this parameter can be saved enable or disable in your patch,

it seem when the two functions are actived (ext clk + sync) the machine can be very unstable, as a precaution and more stability i have disabled sync on my all patchs when he is actived.

I wasn’t aware of this, because I used MIDI clock sync for a while to sync the arpeggiator to my MPC.
And only incoming MIDI sync and only syncing the ARP clock worked for me.
It seems to be the combination that makes it instable.
… and cost me another two nights starting with music for relaxation and ending up with going to bed full of frustration. :zipper_mouth_face:

Yes very frustrating^^