UDO as master keyboard

I’ve seen this sort of issue with the Pyramid when used with some other equipment.

Its not caused by a problem with the midi data being sent, its more of a midi electrical signal issue, caused by a hardware component tolerance issue, that causes some combinations of midi equipment not to receive messages. Its not usually the sort of thing to expect a firmware fix to be available for. People usually solve this sort of thing by using different combinations of equipment, for example by changing their setup plans entirely, or adding an additional midi device in between the two devices that dont like each other. For example some people solved Pyramid issues by using various midi thru boxes sitting in between the keyboards output and the Pyramids input. I think someone else got a Keystep to work with the pyramid by powering it via a power supply rather than USB.

I think there is a thread about this on the Pyramid forum, which started off with someones problem using the M-Audio Keystation, but quickly ended up including people mentioning other devices they had issues with such as the Moog Grandmother. I think much later in the thread someone even said they fixed the issue by replacing the midi in optocoupler (6n136) inside the Pyramid with the equivalent part from another manufacturer. So if people want to attribute blame for this sort of incompatibility, I would tend to blame the midi input circuitry on the Pyramid not working with some other devices. I dont remember with certainty which combination I had a problem with in the past, though it might have been the Polyend Medusa and the Pyramid.

That’s good to know , I’ve got half a dozen things I can test the pyramid … and midi thru on a few things too …
I’ll have a read , surgery sounds a bit daunting … …
thanks for info

By the way this is the Pyramid thread I was thinking of. There might be others that end up on the same topic too, not sure.

To add to the record and hopefully help others with their troubleshooting; My new S6 -replacing my previous master keyboard- was not transmitting its MIDI Out data into my MPC 2500. MPC was sending just fine into the S6 but nothing registering into the MPC. Went through a lot of steps trying to isolate the issue between the S6 and MPC, in the process I hooked up the S6 MIDI out directly to the MIDI in of my previous master keyboard, which the S6 was able to trigger. Strangely enough, taking the Thru from there to the MPC provided the workaround. Disconnected my Kenton Thru 5 to put that in between the S6 and MPC and still working correctly now, albeit still a workaround of course and I’ve ordered a second MIDI thru 5 to keep passing on the data for now. I’ll also log a ticket with support.