Updated firmware on desktop, midi controller doesn't work/no sound

Hey y’all. Got the desktop and it was working swimmingly as my OB6 as the midi controller. Updated the firmware and now I don’t get any sound. Thoughts?

Hi @saltyj , have you double-checked that the S6 is receiving midi CC?

Press Shift and:

TX/RX E: MIDI Controllers

Patch 1 = Transmit CCs
Patch 2 = Receive CCs
Patch 3 = Transmit NRPNs

Also may need to toggle off Local control to avoid unintended midi looping.
Press Shift + LOCAL: On/Off

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Got it working after posting this, ha. One other quirk I’ve been dealing with is the light on the delay doesn’t blink/work. My friend who I bought it from says it always worked for him. Would this also be a midi issue?

As far as I understood, the light on the delay doesn’t work as in the function isn’t implemented yet