Unable to transmit MIDI CC

As the title says, my Super 6 won’t transmit MIDI CC messages. Yes, I have CC transmit and receive enabled in global settings. I tested it by using a simple Max4Live MIDI effect in Ableton to monitor the output of my Super 6. It sends notes, aftertouch data, pitchbend and oddly enough the modwheel data just fine. Everything else is :man_shrugging:

Currently missing in firmware. See https://www.udo-audio.com/media/support-items/In_Development_v0.26.pdf.


Thank you for cluing me in. Hopefully they will work that out soon! Also what I noticed since I figured out that I can at least use a foot controller (re-routed in my Mio MIDI interface to CC1 to other gear) is that with Local mode off, CC transmit/receive off and using a MIDI Solutions Footswitch Controller to re-channelize the MIDI output of my Super 6, it still responds to the Expression input and Modwheel even when it’s transmitting on a different channel than it’s setup to receive on. Guess since this stuff isn’t hashed out there is bound to be some wacky bugs going on…

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Here is a preview of midi CC. Super 6 is controlled by the S2400 from Isla Instruments. Looks super useful for recording controllers as performance.

Hi…Just to comprehend the issue: you realize that CCs are not conveyed ceaselessly, notwithstanding their name? Any MIDI gadget will regularly possibly communicate something specific out when the worth has changed. On the off chance that the worth isn’t changing, nothing will be sent.