Super 6 Desktop Midi CC not showing in Ableton (FIXED)


Somehow i just cant get the Midi CC showing in Ableton to automate the Super 6. I couldnt find anything on how to set it up on the net.

I use Ableton 10 and have my Super 6 Desktop connected over USB to my Mac and its audio going into a scarlett focusrite 2i2 for some informations. I then use the Ableton External Instrument to send the midi from Ableton to the Super 6.

For more information: It just shows Ext. Inst in Ableton when i click into the Midi Clips Envelope, so maybe this is more an Ableton problem then a Super 6 one ?

Would love to get an answer or for someone to point me to it if it was posted before since i really wanna use some automations and still play with other parameters by hand.

Update i fixed it after diving deep again Can't send CC on Pro Tools via USB midi nor midi cable

“There are two modes, cc and nrpn. Cc is better unless you want fine control. SHIFT → TX/RX E → buttons P1-P3 set TRANSMIT - RECEIVE - HIRES (NRPN) check manual for cc and nrpn list”

Did not have CC Receive activated lol maybe this can help someone else

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