Can't send CC on Pro Tools via USB midi nor midi cable

Hi, I am starting to use Pro Tools MIDI with the S6.

Per the manual, CC 74 is the VCF cutoff frequency. But it’s just not working for me.

The notes play just fine (velocity works) but… not this CC info.

[edit: it doesn’t appear like any CC info is going out from the DAW as I’ve also tried the ENV 2 ADSR parameters and nothing. Nor does it work via midi cable. Perhaps, this is a Pro Tools question…]

Any suggestions? thank you!

Hi @jose, on the S6 do you have CC transmit and receive enabled in global settings? Any other devices receiving signal from pro tools to verify settings on the PT end?

This existing thread might be helpful: A way to automate adjustments in DAW? [automation]

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Thank you @JimmyM, I did not realize I had to enable sending & receiving CC’s.

Is it not possible to enable both sending and receiving at the same time (to avoid data feedback loops?)

I ask because it would be convenient to be able to use the DAW to record a param performance and then edit same without having to toggle TX/RX E states but I understand if not possible.

@jose, yes you should be able to turn on send or receive independently, or both at the same time.

Also, might be worth checking out @goodweather’s post here, in reference to a virtual editor that may help unlock additional parameter-editing capability from the DAW: Super 6 editor