Super 6 editor

As some people asked me by email, I prefer to inform you all (did the same on the FB group) that thanks to the release of v0.27 I will now adapt the editor I made one year ago to match the specs from the manual v3.0 (extra AD step, HPF, CC/NRPN…).

I will also try to provide a nice handling of the .s6 files and, if working fine, I hope to get detailed specs from UDO to provide a true load and save of the Super 6 programs.
Of course, I’ll keep you informed if and when I’ll release this editor.
Enjoy your synth!

PS: if you want to follow this work or similar, you can follow me at or on FB at (private group)


Merci beaucoup pour le travail !!

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Avec plaisir! Le design du synthé est très cool…

Fabulous - hopefully Mac supported? Just what we need to manage our patches. Keep up the good work.

Hi Pip (we are also discussing on Gearspace :wink: )!
Yep, standalone Windows and MacOS; VST and AU plugins.
No native support for M1 but can work under Rosetta.
Thx for the support!

No worries and good to virtually meet - I’m sure my Big Sur MacBook will sort it out tomorrow.

For MacOS, I’m making the panel with a virtual machine High Sierra and I can test on another Catalina VM. Did not yet install a Big Sur VM but people reported my other panels are working fine on it (was not the case when Big Sur was just released - I guess Apple made some corrections).

Good to know, hopefully UDO will help we need a n editor/Liberian.

Just curious what an editor librarian would be good/important for?

For me, seeing the parameter settings of a preset and maybe even advanced functions not available on the hardware. Not to mention more room and better organization of presets if that is built into the editor

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I understand. I mostly use mine in Manual mode so I guess I’ve never thought of organising anything :wink:

Preset management, the hidden functions under the hood (Shift), global functions, modulation routing.

Same thoughts about Shift functions (for example I will add a separate slider for the new Env AttackHold), indeed all global functions (if they are mapped to CC/NRPN - will check), modulations definitely (already done).
I read some of you speaking about preset management but what do you mean by that?

I initially felt blocked by the lack of sysex exchange for patches but then after a nice mail exchange with George I realized that I can most probably directly manage the programs from disk due to the way they are stored.
What can then be “preset management” when you can build any structure that you want on your disk as patch storage (folders by categories, author…) then simply drag and drop in Windows Explorer / Finder to the Super 6 disk?
Do we really need something within a panel that is not provided by Windows Explorer / Finder?
I’m challenging you on this and would appreciate your inputs. From there I can see what I can do.

If you look to the programs provided by UDO, each program name indicate a category and author.
So, we have the patch name, category and author and common tools to move things around.

The only thing maybe missing is the automatic renaming p1…p8 when moving patches around.
Something else missing?

Here is the preliminary modulation screen:


Yeah the only faff with Explorer is all the renaming involved, it’s time consuming, so if there was a way to drag and drop things in your editor to the different slots, and it would automatically rename them, that would be great.

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Yep that was my idea…
In the librarian you would see the list of the 128 programs prefixed with A1 P1 and so on.
As soon as you would move things around, I would rename the file on the disk in the corresponding folder.
You should also be able to keep different banks of 128 sounds and move things around (move/copy/swap).
Unfortunately, no drag and drop and in a first instance no multi selection. That’s why, besides the auto-renaming thing, it is difficult to compete with the file explorers…


Really excited to learn about this editor.
Will the VST/AU have total recall?

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Yes, standalone Windows and MacOS, Windows VST 64 bits (maybe also 32), MacOS VST/AU.
Ability to save as DAW presets with total recall (all buttons, screens…).
As I said above, much will depend if I get the spec of the different Super 6 file so I can decode/recode it to/from the buttons positions.
The panel as today can already load and save my own sysex files but we don’t want a manual patch mapper, we want a full editor :wink:
I have now added the HPF cutoff and the new Hold stages of the envelopes.
Now I’ll implement the switch between low (CC) and high (NRPN) resolution.


Incredible. Cannot wait for this!

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Is this not available for download yet?

Would love to see what is going on with certain patches.

Hi. No, it is not.
I have been working on the librarian but I’m stuck on the editor load/save part because UDO doesn’t give me the specs of their .s6 file despite asking it several times and having good relations with the UDO team.
As long as I don’t get this, we/you will never be able to know the settings of patches.
So, at this stage, my editor and librarian can only be used for automation and as librarian but not as a way to look at patches which is the base for me. I sincerely regret this situation as I spent quite some time on this panel.
Maybe that you and other s interested could push UDO to provide me the specs.
I already told them that I would not spread/publish those.
Other companies are providing their sysex structures (Korg, Roland, DSI…). Don’t see where the problem is and why this should be kept secret.
Btw, ASM is also not providing their specs…

Therefore, unless getting this, I have down prioritized this work and I’m working on other panels until I will be back in a mood to work further on this S6 editor.

Sorry for the situation…