Super 6 editor

So disappointing, I think this editor would be invaluable for the Super6 community. Do you know whey are reluctant to share the data you need, or are they building their own editor / librarian?

Best, Steve

No, this is the most frustrating at this stage as I also like clear situations. I never got any answer and in my last mail I asked they the same but didn’t get any reply.
I have all my respect for them and their work. I also know their are overloaded.
They have always been responsive but not on those points…
I will resend my last mail and questions. Cross fingers.


Sounds like UDO might be working on their own official version if they don’t want to give out the details maybe? Why else would they be holding back? Security reasons?

Hey Georgy porgy, what’s the deal?

An editor for the Super 6 is the single best addition we could get for this synth. I am 100% happy with the current sound and features even if they never added anything else. It is epic in its current state, a few bugs aside.

With an edition/librarian to finally to able to organise patches, see all parameters and modulation without a screen we need this. The one for Modal Cobalt 8 is great and that actually has a screen.


I dont think any spec will be available before UDO release their own editor. Until then we only got the current midi spec. Would be great though if everything can be managed with midi.

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Shame. My guess is they are reluctant to talk because they may change the file structure.

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It could be the case but that should not be an issue to provide a spec.
Converters can be written to transparently handle conversions between the spec versions.
I have followed specs for the DSI Pro2, Moog Grandmother / Matriarch…
This is just a good and normal evolution in the life cycle of a product.

Nice looking editor!

It’s the wrong color though :stuck_out_tongue:

Thx Airyck!
I prefer the black one and that’s why I made the background from it :wink:
However, I already planned to add the possibility to switch the look.
But that will only come later after the initial release.

I take the opportunity of your question to inform all readers about the progress:

  • Despite several mails, UDO didn’t provide the s6 format spec but together with nice fellows from this group and the FB group we have reverse engineered it so I can load patches.

  • So I got over the disappointment (I had very nice exchange with UDO before, still think it is a pity to not communicate) and I’m now working full speed on it and there is good progress

  • The “Load program” is the most important in a first step as it will allow people to see how the patches are built.

  • I have added a Wave manager which is quite cool (I started a Wave editor / Wave table editor some time ago so could re-use some stuff)
    Still some work but hopefully soon ready to be tested by the people who helped me


@udo-audio please explain why you are not providing support. I suspect there are a number of disgruntled customers keenly awaiting this much needed tool.

Hi, as far as I know we have shared the .s6 file format and there is no secret here. We are unable to support a project with direct technical collaboration that we have not actively embarked on as a team as much as I would like to and there will be a limit to what udo support can assist with in terms of this kind of development project simply because there are limits to our supports technical knowledge of the low level firmware implementation. If you need the file format again please email us. We can provide it, I just can’t necessarily be on tap to answer questions about how it all works, not for want of not sharing, simply because we have to apportion our time. This said I will of course do my best


Terrific. Editor looks mighty promising.
If it would enable easy drag n drop custom waveforms.
Oh boy!

Hi, I’m making the editor I shared above and thx to the support of great guys I made great progress and it is now almost ready for a v1.0
Despite asking at least 5 times about the s6 file format, I have never received it.
Therefore, we reverse engineered it as much as we could to be able to at least load patches.
We have now also documented it.
I have also never asked for any support but rather raised practical questions about the curves followed by the sliders.
Now, I see you are open to share the .s6 file format so I will email you again and I thank you in advance for that. Would be really great and appreciated!
Edit: mail sent to Mike and George :wink:


Some info:

  • I received the structure of the s6 file from George (good!)
  • we analyzed it with my friend.
  • we learned a few good things about the structure in itself (blocks) and confirmed many of our findings for the specific parameters
  • however, we are still missing several parameters mapping, min/max values confirmations for some parameters…
    I raised a possible bug and also asked if it was possible to directly address the edit buffer of the synth
    So waiting for an answer for all of this :wink:

On the editor side, it is progressing well and should be soon finished. Bank and program management is done. I reworked the modulations management and I’m finalizing this now. Wave manager is done.
The way of saving/reading additional program information is settled and working as test. Still to implement this fully.

Due to lack of full documentation, some parameter reading may still not be correct but I will adapt after release based on user feedback or when UDO will provide more details.
And, as the current Midi implementation doesn’t allow to address the edit buffer (direct request/send of program from/to the synth), I’m passing by the A1-P1 program. Not ideal but working…

Quite proud of the layout, the possibilities and the way of working of this editor/librarian.
Just a pity that it cannot directly be a full perfect one as the ones I did for the Prologue and Minilogue XD.

Keep in touch guys!


Can’t wait for it! UDO with an Editor (Librarian) will skyrocket!


Just thought of another useful thing an editor could do, have a section for waveforms, with from/to the synth, saving, copying, pasting, librarian etc. And the ability to extract the user waveform from a user patch to be used in other patches. Not sure if the @goodweather editor will already do this.

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Thx for you feedback and proposal, @HermetechMastering
Good idea about the exchange of waves between patches. You can actually already do a minimum version of this with the Wave manager. From any .s6 or .ws6 but only to the current program.

I will check for adding the ability to exchange waves between any patch in the Bank manager.
Can quickly be done without visualization of the waves (LFO1, DDS1) but I guess you would prefer viewing the 2 source and 2 destination waves as well. Will be done in first version or in a 1.1.

I take the opportunity to mention that the panel is close to be finished in a first version.
Still spending a lot of time in identifying the possible values of the switches and controls due to lack of documentation. But this is progressing fine and if errors will remain they can be easily corrected afterwards.
Then will need some testing and maybe adaptations for MacOS (Windows is OK) and time to write the manual. Hope to be ready by end of May.

Will try making a video soon


Thanks, that screenshot looks great, looking forward to the release!


Looks nice although S6 interface being the contrary of a DX7 , this might have some usage in deep editing needs (eg modifying some elements of the modulation matrix, visualizing LFO custom shapes, waveforms etc)
Do you have any commercial plan in mind ? ETA ? Retail price ?

Hi. It is almost done.
I’m busy with the user defined modulations but also adapting some parameters that are tricky (and a few are remaining).
All mod matrix will be covered (the fixed one is already done), LFO waves, alternative waveforms is done. Librarian is done.
All of this is taking more time than foreseen due to lack of documentation and replies to mail from UDO.
I got the structure of the patch file that helped a bit to confirm things we found / identify things we were unsure or didn’t identify but no details on the min/max values of parameters, on the way they are interacting in the file…
However, with the help of a very nice guy supporting me with this data analysis, it is progressing quite well and constantly but as you understand, we have to find most things by ourselves.
I hope to be ready before summer holidays with a v1.0. Still to do the manual and verify the behaviour on MacOS.
Price will be 35 EUR and updates free.


You’re already way ahead of UDO then!