UDO dedicated Super 6 Editor/Librarian?

Hey UDO,

I’ve come across the Sunny Synths Editor but have not committed to purchasing yet and was wondering whether you guys are planning on releasing an official editor/patch librarian for the Super 6 at all? Any info would be much appreciated!

I would love just a simple patch Editor/Librarian to preview, organise and swap out presets without having to go through files and not remember what patches sound like, swap them out, then realise that it’s the wrong patches and have to go back and repeat.

Do let me know if this isn’t the right place for such an information request and I will happily email maybe support or somewhere else?


I would really like to know about this as well. I’ve used the Sunny Synths editor but have had some problems with it. An in-house editor would change the game for me. It’s the one thing I miss about the Polybrute.

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You should email UDO and get back to us! They typically don’t check here too often, so you’ll probably get a quicker response that way.


Just an update regarding the response from support. Unfortunately, there will not be an official editor or librarian any time soon, nor do they plan or building one. As the UDO team is very small, there just isn’t enough resources to dedicate to making one.

However, they are in communications with sunny-synths regarding the editor, and will try and support where possible.

While reading up on the Modal 002 I noticed it has a builtin HTML5-based web editor - accessable through the synth’s network connection. Cool idea but I’m unsure if UDO can fit a webserver inside the Super :smile: