Jan 2021 Firmware Update and new Patches

I just watched the UDO NAMM 2021 video here: UDO: Super 6 - polyphonic synthesizer from HerrSchneider on Vimeo

And it looks like there are supposed to be some new factory patches and a firmware update available on the website - anyone see those anywhere yet? They don’t seem to be in support/downloads yet: Support › UDO Audio

Also - excited about the prospect of a Super 6 librarian in the near future!


That’s from a year ago I think.

I don’t think so? Pretty sure the Sonic State clip is from November and I don’t think Matt Johnson had any Super 6 videos until summer 2020, could be wrong though

Also it looks like it says 2021 at the end and cites the gear of the year 2020 award they got from MusicTech

Sorry, you’re totally right, I should have watched past the first few seconds! Where did you find the video link?

What brilliant news. Looking forward to USB MIDI and the editor, hopefully not too far away.

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Herr Schneider (Schneidersladen?) seems to be very well informed. If you go to his page and check the UDO company profile, they say (in german) “UDO makes the long awaited SUPER 6 and SUPER 12 synthesizers”. Seems like the next one is called SUPER 12. I hope 61keys with more different VCF ´s from SSI.

The mentioned librarian is nice to have, but a parameter editor is much more necessary. Maybe they have to wait until all new features are there and thought out before the editor makes sense.

Before the speculation goes any further, let me assure you that there is no such product like a Super 12 in the works. We’ll inform Schneidersladen about the misleading brand description. Apologies for the confusion and thank you for bringing this to our attention!


Seeing as this topic is quite close to what I intended to post I’ll hop in here.

It’s been a bit quiet in the UDO camp this year. I know this topic/question is a bit annoying and all, but I am curious if we have another update on the way soon?

It’d be nice to have MIDI a bit more stable and I hope that is sorted soon.


Definitely worth pausing that Vimeo vid on the Online Librarian at the end, looks to be very cool!

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With Covid keeping everything in flux, I’m treating this more like a “sometime in 2021 roadmap” than a “GOTTA BE IN JANUARY THEY PROMISED” type of deal.

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