2021 Update?

I decided to make a new thread after all as the Jan 2021 firmware update thread seems to have died.

I know many of us are wondering if there’s any update (both fw update and a public statement) on progress, and it seems to make more sense to ask for it in public than through support email directly, as I think that might be a bit more effective.

I was having a look at the features in development document and while I’m not personally in any rush for anything to get done, it would be good to hear something official about how things are going.

I do hope there’s something done about the audio balance on DDS1 issue, as well as midi getting stuck gates (when same note is overlapping the same note, which I assume causes 2 note on, and just a single note off).


Patience is a doctor’s customer… :slight_smile:

Hopefully we’ll hear something soon. I am dying for USB MIDI and transmit/receive all knob CCs.


What ever they do I hope the updates wont mess up my patches alrady created.

Various bugfixes
Reliable midi over din and usb
Mixer as mod destination
Finer settings for swing
User control pan spread; Off, 50%, 100%
Editor/librarian software

Wish for;
Control DDS2 PWM separate from super wave DDS1
Key tracking as mod source
Optional 6dB DDS output boost via shift



Saaaaaame!!! :joy: Really looking forward to that update

I am always comfortable with firmware development taking longer than hoped/expected, but I do get wound up by a lack of public communication.


I’m beta testing 0.26 right now. It has some very cool new stuff and the interface feels a lot more solid overall. Lots of bug fixes. Hopefully out very soon. I probably shouldn’t say any more than that…


Thanks for letting us know! Now looking forward to the update and pretending not to be jealous :grinning:

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Thanks for the update.
This is kind of what I wish we’d hear more of from UDO themselves. My point with this thread was not ‘when is the next update coming?’, but more like ‘is it possible that we could get an update on how things are going?’ like you did now.

Looking forward to a release of this.

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Well the update is out, and wow, they really are ticking off more and more boxes.

Drift, 6dB gain, doubling the number of custom waveforms is insane :slight_smile: and more …


Yeah…the Drift and Env2 attack changes alone make a noticeable positive impact on patches!

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These new updates are extremely nice. Love this drift feature. Can’t wait to share new sounds with my peers and turn them to this synth.

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The env2 change is amazing. What a big difference. I compared it before and after and it is a world of difference. Really was a huge lift for the synth. Very happy about this surprise!
Drift I haven’t yet did as much testing with, but it seems to have a few really nice sweet spots that I like so far.

However, MIDI is still being a bit of a pain. I keep killing voices, or getting hung notes over MIDI. Many things making me have to restart the synth to get them back.
Fortunately I don’t record a lot over MIDI, but it’s still a thing that’s a bit of a bother.
It doesn’t seem like MIDI was on the list of things to get worked on for this fw though.


Heard back from UDO after submitting my beta testing report, I asked about the ‘Super DRIFT’ parameter, and they say it does the following, I thought others might find it interesting:

“The DRIFT (super-randomization) affects the following: Oscillators (pitch & phase), Filter (Cutoff & Res), ENV1 & 2 parameters, LFO1&2 parameters and a few other things.”

I am really digging just dialling in about 25% on old patches, adds an almost imperceptible but nice analoguifying thing. :slight_smile:


Ahhh thanks so much for asking about this.
I had figured out the pitch+phase as well as envelope changes, but nice to hear some actual things what it affects.

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To access the alt_waveforms, select a waveform on the Super 6, pressing the PATCH or BANK button again will cycle between the two banks.

This instruction on switching banks looks wrong. On my S6 I just press Wave button and then the number 1-16 twice to switch to and from the alternate bank. The number blinks when the secondary bank is active.

Because 1-8 are considered the PATCH buttons and 9-16 are the BANK buttons, I imagine they wanted to retain that labeling for the sake of consistency; since they become waveform selectors under the Wave button’s functionality (pressing once = solid, twice = blinking).

S6 has a button named Patch so I assumed it was tied to that one :slight_smile:

How does everybody feel about the range of the new drift mode?

I personally really like the mode and also really welcome the super drifty possibilities, but I wish that there was more useful (for tonal material) travel before we got to that point. Maybe more shift in envelope and LFO timings until that point, too.

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I agree, said this to UDO in report, that I wish it maxed out at about 75% of where it is now, but they said it deliberately goes “broken” so it can be used creatively. I hope one day there will be a full software editor so that things like the Drift could be super tweaked to user preference.

Oh, for sure! I think it’s definitely important that it can go too far, but as they’ve shown with the update to envelope timing, the distribution of those values is really important. And that’s the same principle I think should be applied here.