New Super 6 sounds

I have seen various places rumours of new sounds incoming and I see there is one bank of 8 Drew Neumann patches in a “spring patch bank” folder already on the main site.

But I’ve seen no concrete source of these rumours so where did they come from and what do we have to look forward to? :grin: :eyes:

All deets were in the UDO email sent on Friday I think

I see didn’t get the memo, must not be on the mailing list.

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Me neither. How do you ensure you are on the list?

Scroll to the bottom, put your email where it is says “Sign up to our newsletter”, click “Sign up!”

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Cheers. I’ve probably subscribed twice now…:blush:


Although I was an earlier purchaser, I never knew about the list until today. Can you repost the text of the email, please?