UDO Super Gemini

In the last UDO email (Hazel Mills LFO1 part 2) there was a picture at the bottom of the email with some text. Can anybody “understand” the hidden message of the picture?

Maybe one or two new products shown?
The date of tomorrow is printed there…

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They said on here yesterday or the day before they were working on something new, will try to find the thread and add link, I presume they will reveal at Superbooth tomorrow.

[EDIT] Couldn’t find it, maybe they deleted the reference to it. It was something like, “We are working on something new, not Super 6 but closely related”.

Looking forward to reading about whatever it is!

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its in the “Fine-tune option for DDS2 Tune knob” thread.


That’s the one! Thanks.

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George wrote:
“…We have been working on something new but very closely super 6 related and this allows us to build in feedback like this at the same time…”
Must be something more featured than S6. Maybe S8 with 61 keys?
And the two roman guys with horses represent each one an S6 core, coupled by USB? One of the guys has only one leg and arm, meaning second S6 core somehow downsized? Hmmmm…

Maybe only 15 minutes till we find out.

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Very cool! I imagined it might be a chopped down Super 6 but they’ve basically doubled it and added all the feature requests. :slight_smile:

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Nice but We can now assume no more upgrade to the Super6 I suppose ?

It will share most of the firmware codebase so we shouldnt expect an end to firmware updates for the original.

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Is UDO kidding? Seriously ? :nauseated_face:
Rather than correcting the numerous bugs of the Super 6, they are preparing a new Synth?
Will it also be buggy? :hot_face:

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I want them to release new products so that they continue to do well as a company and support their existing offerings. Plus the architecture and firmware is very similar so the new family member should help maintain momentum in that codebase.

As an existing owner I am very happy about todays announcements. I see the Super 6 desktop is available in blue now too, tempting.


Denony, I can understand your irony. There is much hope now, that bugs will be corrected due to the new product, which is very near to the existing. Yes, more complexity with a higher risk of more bugs. And it will not help you, if we tell, that other manufacturers also have bugs in their instruments (I can tell stories about Alesis Fusion bugs, killing the whole company…).

And there is a chance, that new features of the Gemini will somehow be available in S6 firmware updates:
“oscillators of unique construction, decorated with a plethora of expansive tonal features such as wave morphing, cross & ring modulation, bi-directional sync and more”

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Well I beg to differ.

Sorry but I am not gullible anymore. Call me old fashioned if you want but I don’t care how their new product is or will be if their existing product still feels unfinished.

That’s how I ended up not buying the S2400 after having felt screwed by Isla on the Kordbots.

Let’s just hope they also announce a stable version of S6 firmware in the near future. But frankly time has told us we have waited for a long time to get where we are now (0.52)

UDO has pissed me off with this news. Lately Despite that I like the s6 sound a lot I was thinking of selling mine to get a 3rd wave instead. I suppose that this news seals the deal. Unless UDO decides to consider their existing customer base and release a fully spec’d firmware of S6 in the very near future, I’m out of here.


come on dare to dream, this new synth looks amazing. Plus the S6 is pretty close, at least in my experience there aren’t too many issues left to iron out

Congrats on the release UDO Crew! Gemini looks amazing.

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Gemini sure looks amazing but for now it’s a brochure of more « work in progress » for UDO. Oh and so does the 3rd wave look amazing, and makes me dream more than another long period of beta customership

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3rd wave is amazing and sounds more than that. But I heard it is more than 5000Euro with tax to Europe. I would like to buy one, but that is really too expensive.
We do not know how much is Gemini, but if it is more than Waldorf Quantum MK2 (which has also PAT with 61keys and is sold for approx. 4400Euro), it will be extremely difficult to sell some. With 3999Euro, it could have a chance to sell well.

Glad the Super 6 got the backburner for this synth.

Oh wow! I love it when my ideas are realized! Awesome job UDO! I can’t wait to hear this puppy!