Firmware Update (Post-Superbooth '23)

Hey, does anybody have any info on the new firmware that was being discussed around the time of Superbooth? The last one was much delayed, but fixed a lot of issues. Even so, there are definitely things I would like to see corrected about the S6. Hopefully we can benefit from some of the excitement around the Gemini.


Thats all currently known and discussed:

In an interview, George mentioned that noise was an object of improvement, I guess adjustable noise colour of the oscillator.

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I guess that UDO will want to show potential buyers of the Gemini , which is a mega expensive synth for most folk, that they (UDO) being a new company to many potential customers actually have a good track record of ongoing support for their products and do not simply dump buggy unsupported synths on the market - that would not be a great sales pitch exp given both the very crowded new synth market and the current economic mess we are in. As such the S6 update should become available before the Gemini hits the shops or very soon after, so Sept / Oct this year ?

I seem to remember George saying in a Superbooth interview that the Super 6 firmware update was first and then the Gemini release, but he has also said the Gemini release will be September. If both statements are true then that means Super 6 firmware in July or August

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Let’s not beat around the bush.
Showing off the Gemini while Super 6 owners/uses are waiting on an official bug free V1 release was a bit of a kick in the balls. Bad move really.
We live in hope that this is a one off and this firmware update is imminent.
Just sayin.

I don’t feel that way myself, though I’ve only just bought a Super 6 so I haven’t been ‘waiting’ for bug fixes or feature improvements as other might have.

That isnt my opinion yet, having had a Super 6 for approaching 2 years. However there is a window during which my opinion will travel further in one direction or another on this, depending on exactly what happens over the next 2-6 months.

Certainly I could already say that communication on this has been lacking post-Superbooth, there was an opportunity to further mitigate against ill-feelings by being positive and clear about what Super 6 users can look forward to in the months ahead which has not really been taken advantage of.


After Superbooth, UDO sent a newsletter with following content related to firmware update:

""What’s Next?
With our feet firmly back on home soil, we’re straight back to it, cracking on with all our developments. We’re busy working hard on the Super 6 firmware update which will be available soon. Following that, we’ll be preparing all things Gemini ready for shipping this Autumn. Watch this Space!
All the best,
The UDO team""


Yes - thats a fair observation.
I believe both are applicable. I think when we invest a lot of money into said product, we expect that to reflect in our own perceived priorities. I do still feel it would have been better to finalise a stable firmware for one before introducing another.


Turns out I gost my dates wrong, time flies, I’ve had my Super 6 for nearly 3 years not 2!