UDO at Superbooth 2024: Gesprächskonzert + new product?

Superbooth is coming soon! In the schedule, UDO is listed with a “Gesprächskonzert”, that means to me, there is something new to be presented.
My expectation is:

  • new firmware for S6
  • a prototype of S6 with PA and information about cost and availability
  • a prototype of Gemini desktop model

What do you think? Wishful thinking?

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I bet some firmware-related news that brings the Super 6 up to par with Super Gemini.


I think George said somewhere or other that the Gemini is so performance orientated that a desktop doesn’t make sense in the same way as it does for the Super 6.

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Yes I remember, George mentioned something like that. But on the other hand, Groove Synthesis made a desktop for their 3rd wave (which is a 4 part machine, not only bitimbral) and I find it quite intuitive and creative to use.
A Gemini desktop could be a best seller if it is around 3000…3300 euro.

In a few hours we will see…what?
Already confirmed: availability and information about S6 PA keybed kit.
A picture shown on Insta: Gemini desktop? Gemini black edition? I bet its a desktop (because on the front left corner of the black box we can see another shape compared to Gemini I think).
Information on S6 firmware update will be given on Superbooth I heard.

We can guess a keyboard on this picture…

It’s a Super 8! There are a few articles and videos popping up.


Super 8 = 3600 Euro = same architecture as Gemini but switchable layer controls instead of full control and 16 instead 20 voices. Basically a “low cost Gemini”. Sure, next we will see the desktop of Super 8?

SW-update of S6 on 3rd of june! The sound improvements which were made for Gemini (twinkle) will not be included in this update.
PA-keybed around 400 british pounds, euro price not given now

Yes, I’ve just received the newsletter, what a bunch of new stuffs ! Everything is already described as well on the UDO Website.
I really hope the update will be available on June 4th as stated and without any issues.

Cool to see a new instrument but is it just me or does the super 8 look kinda bulky and unbalanced?

There’s a lot of unused space between the keyboard and the first row of buttons and then more empty space for the vents at the back. Given that you lose half the dedicated controls and the touch bar from the Gemini I’d expect this to be more compact, more in between the super 6 and Gemini in size but it looks basically as big as the Gemini.

I first thought that open space where the touch bar would sit could be used for sticky notes. I’m always writing down my patch notes and other things for performances. Old school, but it always works lol.