What should George & team make in the future!?

Starting this topic in case it gets some traction! I am generally interested to test out some ideas with you guys


The Gemini announcement seriously surprised me as I assumed the next UDO product would be something lower on the price scale, like a “Super 2”. Some kinda UDO take on a duophonic synth. I still think that’d be rad. Especially if it came in acid yellow or green.

Already owning a S6 though, I think I’d most like to see your take on drum synthesis or sampling. Super Drums!? Yes please.


I’ve heard people describe the UDO sound as “polite”, which I think is sometimes accurate, although i’ve not heard enough of the SG. Something that stepped away from this could be cool., maybe a collab with PWM!

A 4 voice with independent voice control per osc (ala Perfourmer/Monopoly) with a snazzy sequencer that could be pushed into a groove box territory if required. The Super Sick (please dont call it that).


Personally I can’t get excited about monosynths even though that is the obvious choice. Super 6 (and Gemini) is the best sounding synth for chords ever. It rides the line between ‘delicate’ and ‘satisfying’ brilliantly.

A new polysynth would have to be more “analogue” sounding - darker and creamy. This sound would be a big enough departure from the Super 6 to warrant investigating. Think Baloran The River. Having a more attainable synth like that would be a dream.

Grooveboxes always excite me. A groovebox/polysynth hybrid thing is something that fascinates me. Maybe a little like Elektron Analog 4 - one voice per part, or combine them for a polysynth - but with at least 8 voices and top quality effects - imagine quality FPGA oscillators, analogue filters, and FX from Hologram Chroma Console. A sequencer for each mono voice and multi-timbral effects for each part and multiple LFOs… this would be ambient heaven :100:

Even tack on sampling onto this? It would be the most essential bit of hardware ever produced :drooling_face:


A dedicated UDO Librarian/ Patch Editor, please!

  1. Make a Super 6 successor or update, if the price is still less than 3000Euro:
  • add poly aftertouch keybed
  • add ring modulation from Gemini
  • add morphing from Gemini
  • add LFO2 waveforms from Gemini
  1. Make a Super FM:
  • FM synthesis
  • 6 binaural voices, 12 mono voices
  • hands on: knobs for all important settings of all 6 oscillators including their EG
  • Binaural feature (Stereo with LFO1 phase modulation)
  • Super oscillator? I am not sure if this works with FM, but this could be a nice UDO typical feature which no other FM synth has (same with binaural feature).
  • Analog filters

A kind of paraphonic-additive-oscillator-frequency synthesizer™

Instead of the typical single-filter two-osc based synth.

8 oscillators, each with its own fader for mixing its volume.

Lots of different oscillator types: waveforms, wavetables and sample-as-osc.

Each oscillator occupies a narrow frequency like on a graphic EQ, from lowest to highest frequency.

Each oscillator has its own range of digital filters and envelopes.

Mix and match these 8 oscillators. You can LFO them independently. They can be panned in the stereo field etc.

You can assign an oscillator to one key press like paraphony, or have them all together on all keys

It has analogue saturation/distortion at the end of the signal chain.

It shall be named the Stellar 8.

As you can see I have trademarked it. I will settle for 1% of gross profits.

If you need more ideas let me know UDO can do all the technical bits :grin:

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I think I suggested a few years ago, I’d like a 3osc monosynth with more mod destinations. And maybe more control of overdrive throughout the signal chain. I love my S6 for bass sounds, so a dedicated synth geared towards basses and leads would be awesome. Built on some of the same tech as the S6, with another osc and lfo.

In purple with teal graphics. And a keytar attachment with a neon safety green strap.


@White_Noise ate you serious about the keytar.? … I love keytars :slight_smile:

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I haven’t used one myself, but you guys don’t feel like the wrong company to do a keytar in 2025. Or '26. Whenever. Keytars are pretty timelessly tacky, I don’t think there’s such a thing as a good time to launch one, which mean’s there no such thing as a bad time either!

In all seriousness, it’s another mod input, which is the kind of thing that matters with a monosynth (poly-AT and MPE don’t really do much when you’ve got one voice). So it could be a really performative way of doing pitchbend and modwheel stuff, and you could even have the option of it being another modulation input (like a second pitcbend/mod source that can be routed independently). Perhaps with a touch strip like on gemini.

I do however have to change my color answer to purple with faded yellow graphics instead of teal. I love purple and teal, but it is kind of getting played out and purple/yellow seems to be on the way in.


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There was a good time for keytars …

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An online S6/SG patch library


That would be awesome!

Agreed would love to have a fully functional UDO Librarian / Patch Editor apart from that it is difficult to think of a new product which has not yet been provided by other companies that said maybe a UDO take on the sequential Prophet X would be nice


Fully on board with the keytar plan. Add in “super drums” drum machine and you’ve got both a full UDO band and an answer to the people who ask “does it do anything other than pads!?!?”

I would say UDO’s identity is combining excellent historic designs together thoughtfully, with just enough modern features to make their instrument unique and unexpectedly, or rather subtly, deep. I would like to see UDO’s take on a not just mono but single oscillator synth, a bit like the SH-101. It would be interesting to see how much power they could get out of one fpga oscillator, and how they would construct the rest of the synth in their hands-on, screenless fashion while pushing the envelope forward with new features on an SH-101 body, as it were.

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A drum synth ala DSI Tempest in a Super 6 desktop form factor. Analog audio path with digital sections mixed in.

  • 4 tracks of stereo analog synthesis
    • 3 drum-specific circuits
    • 1 synth circuit
  • 4 tracks of stereo sample playback
    • sample specific fx’s like bit-reduction
  • 2 fx bus stereo tracks
    • all tracks and inputs are mixable
    • selectable analog and digital fx’s
    • inserts to external processing
  • 1 main bus stereo track
    • analog compressor, eq, and filter
  • A/B layer slider
    • blends controller setup and sequencing between A/B layers
  • 4 stereo inputs (dc coupled)
    • sampleable
  • 4 stereo outputs (buses, main)
  • 16 steps sequencer with 4 pages (up to 64 steps)
    • all controls can be sequenced per step
  • song mode for sequencing patterns

A mono synth with simultaneous osc shapes
and multiple filter types and slopes (6db, 12db, 18db, 24db) kind of like the matrix 12 or xpander. could have more control over the mixer section/drive (level for each osc or source) and include controls that affect the synths overall tone (eg. gainstaging, envelope curves, waveform shapes) it can be laid out in a familiar/immediate way but has controls not found on any other modern mono synth

  • Official plugin or software to control existing synths from the computer (like Modal’s modal plugin).
  • Finally release new S6 firmware for God’s sake!
  • No more new products for a while, improve ones that you already have. Just maybe S6 version with poly AT keyboard and other niceties from SG.