Super 6 mk2 with poly aftertouch?

It’s great seeing the first Super Gemini demo video that came out today. Exciting to hear the mention of a big software update to the Super 6 coming soon based on the work on the new synth, and it was great to see George explain how poly aftertouch finally really clicked for him after being a skeptic.

So I just want to throw this out - any chance you’d consider releasing a v2 of the Super 6 with poly aftertouch? The super gemini looks awesome but I don’t really have the space for a bigger instrument like that, and I still love the relatively minimalist approach to the original Super 6. If I could get the super 6 with poly aftertouch (and maybe a similar touch controller too?) I’d upgrade in a heartbeat.

In the video you talked about it being a more premium feature and differentiator for the Super Gemini, but I feel like the $3000 price tag of the Super 6 is enough to justify a few premium features of its own. And as you said yourself, poly AT is really an amazing fit for this instrument. I don’t think it would take away from the Super Gemini at all to have this available on the S6, the nearly doubled voice count and multitimbrality and increase to 61 keys is more than enough of a differentiator already.

I hope you’ll at least consider it!

I’ve had the money for a S6 for a little while but thought I’d wait until Superbooth to see if they had anything new. The Super Gemini looks amazing but the Super 6 remains the sweet spot for me and I ordered one yesterday. I’d love to see poly AT, too. Sadly when I asked if they had such plans (mid-April), UDO support replied:

We have no plans to upgrade the Super 6 with a poly aftertouch keyboard and do not recommend modifying the Super 6 as this would involve more than just swapping keyboards.