Poly aftertouch keybed retrofit kit for Super 6

In this reply on a thread

George (I think) floated the concept of a ‘poly aftertouch retrofit kit for existing s6 kb owners’. It’s possible that having thought about it he wishes he hadn’t :laughing: but I for one, am not going to let it go because I think it would be totally awesome.

So I’ve started a dedicated thread so the idea doesn’t get buried or go away :blush:

Chime in if you’d like to see this.


I‘d love to have this! I purchased an old Ensoniq last year just to play the S6 with poly AT….

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@dcjams thanks we are are working on a feasibility study for this. Not straightforward, lots of legal and logistical complications. It does however offer a great upgrade for Super 6 owners and I think it would help reinforce the genuine ambition to make our instruments a long term purchase. We wonder how many people might be interested?


Ah amazing, thanks for tansparent response UDO team. Yeah sure, I’ve no doubt it’s not a trivial undertaking.

From a personal perspective, I’m patient so if it were a return to factory mod, I’d be cool with that. I’m quite technical so I’d be comfortable with a DIY kit, too. I’m fortunate to have a good income so cost would be unlikely to be a barrier, within reason of course.

Obviously these factors will vary a great deal for other customers.

I look forward to seeing if and how this might develop.


I am so interested!!! :laughing::star_struck:

I would like to do a “fit at home” kit we could sell. We would supply tools and instructions, no soldering or anything, just bolt in parts and cable. This may not be allowed depending on region, so might not be an option. Would people be confident removing and replacing a KB if tools and instruction supplied?

We would also consider a return to factory “gold service” where we fit the new poly aftertouch KB and clean, test and replace any worn parts such as CUTOFF fader (you know who you are). We could also give people option for cosmetic replacement of parts if there are scratches etc


I think both are great ideas.

There’s already precedent in the industry for simple kits, so presumably somebody’s done the research and concluded that, for the most part, the technical skills of our demographic/market are up to it.

The two examples I can think of are Ableton’s standalone upgrade for Push 3 and the various kits Korg have offered on their re-issues and also their little gizmos.


I would be 100% game for the polyat keybed, and would enjoy fitting it at home! And yes i did already say this on the other thread too.


Yes please to a poly aftertouch keyboard I can fit myself, this would be such a lovely upgrade!


I prefer “fit at home”. If cost is ok, I am 100% sure that I will order the package. No problem for me to open and rework, ESD care will be taken. Could you please already give a rough price indication, for example less than 300Euro?

A question: does this packkage mean, that all the possibilities, Gemini offers with the PA KB, can be also used in S6 case? I ask because I think, Gemini has extra sliders/switches for these functions which are not available in S6 case.

Another question: this creates a hardware variant, so you have at the end take care that the firmware will be ok for both variants (HW variant coding for KB available?). I dont think it would be a good idea to have separated firmware variants as maintenance cost and time would be increased and there would be potential danger that customer installs wrong firmware.


In terms of functionality, my expectation would be that it matches the experience of using an external poly AT enabled keybed.

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I would be interested

That sounds great. I feel confident to replace the keyboard myself, but I would go with the gold service if you could fix this dent in my S6

@droy ouch! depending on where you are based we may be able to repair this at a service centre. In any case we can supply parts. You’ll need a new base panel and side wall. These may have to be supplied as a complete new chassis. Something to consider

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I‘m in Berlin. But if this is going to be expensive I‘d leave it as it is. The synth still works just fine. Great hardware design, by the way!

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I would be so keen for this kit (based in Poland atm). Roughly how much do you think it will end up costing?

Also, if you’re looking for beta testers for a kit I’d be happy to take my S6 apart in the interests of science

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I’m definitely interested!

I’m also very curious how there could be legal roadblocks for something like this, what kind of laws would this even break? Anyone have any articles or anything about other companies running into similar problems?

Probably related to warranties.

I’d be interested as well.