Poly Aftertouch feel (upgrade)

The thing I dislike most about the S6 is the way aftertouch is applied, I find I have to press down in quite a hard way which feels unnatural to my playing style so I often don’t program with it. I was wondering if this feel/action will change with the poly aftertouch upgrade kit?


I find that the super 6 keyboard velocity is not very balanced, I find it extremely difficult to trigger a low velocity note at all!! I would really love it if you could tweak the velocity sensitivity of the keyboard. I guess the poly aftertouch upgrade might be nicer in this respect but that would make the whole thing cost about the same as the super 8!

Saying that I only just upgraded the firmware and this may have been improved!

I don’t know if it’s just me but this update (maybe it’s the velocity or the way polyphony has been implemented differently) seems to have made it sound amazing! I feel now like I can just add a filter envelope and some velocity modulation and you have a lovely sounding patch! :smiley: before I had to really work at it to get something that sounded good.

I didn’t really like the chorus before, it now seems to be way more subtle, is this a change too?! It seems so subtle now that I can barely hear the difference actually

Whatever it is it now sounds F’ing gorgeous!!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :laughing:

I agree with the aftertouch on the Super 6. It feels pretty difficult to press and engage aftertouch. I’m hoping that the new poly aftertouch keyboard fixes this issue.