Super 12

What would be UDO Audio’s next synthesizer?

I’d like to see:

  1. A Super 12, which would basically be 2 x Super 6
  2. Full wavetable capabilities being supported cleanly and directly from the front panel, alongside with an application for making waves from samples, from direct audio, management and so on.
  3. A small OLED screen for patch management and navigation
  4. Two stereo outputs
  5. A 5 octave keyboard with polyphonic aftertouch (Fatar already makes a 4-octave keyboard that supports PolyAT, so… no excuses!)
  6. Implementation of lots of the feature requests would elevate this to a whole new level.

I’d gladly pay ~4K for such a beast.:relieved:

I think UDO has said in the past they are working on no such synthesizer (though it has been a few years, things could have changed since then).

Personally, I’d like to see them go the other way, a mono-synth with wavetables for at least one osc, maybe a second osc akin to DDS1 on the Super6, and then maybe a third simplified osc, maybe a dedicated noise source and a more complex mixer, a more comprehensive mod matrix, maybe multiple filters.

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I would love to see their same innovation brought to a drum machine.


Love this thread guys - not only do we take it all in but we catalogue and vote all your suggestions. It’s really good to dream up stuff and describe it, that’s how things start!


If that’s the case, then let me explain “more comprehensive mod matrix” in greater detail. If a new synth had the same 16 buttons for patch selection/mod matrix duties, I’d like to see 16 mod sources instead of 8. Even if a destination has a slot on the buttons on the Super6, I find that I assign all my modulations in the matrix by holding the source and moving the destination on the panel, that’s just a very intuitive way of assigning mods for me. So the other 8 buttons would be better off being some of the “missing” sources like LFO1, modwheel, etc.

If this is on a mono-synth then I personally would like to see some audio rate mod from the more complex wavetable/super DDS as sources as well. I’m sure that would do some interesting stereo stuff (at least at lower mod amounts).


I just want to see continuing work on the 6.


@Okke that is our primary focus of course. Like with the desktop, our product road map will allow us to continue developing the Super 6 and it’s ecosystem


As a rough suggestion:

Super 12, twice the polyphony, twice the outputs, true layers/splits. Let’s pretend it has a 5 octave Fatar poly-aftertouch. Protruding keys are fixed (sorry Axel). :laughing:

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My wishlist:

  • 61 keys with aftertouch
  • 12 notes polyphony in binaural mode, 24 in standard mode
  • OLED display (big enough that an old man can read it)
  • DDS1 with SUPER waves
  • DDS2 with SUPER waves
  • VCO3 with fat ANALOG oscillator to manage bass and lead sounds
  • real mixer for each oscillator
  • 2 x VCF (different sounding type of LPF, e.g. one analog ladder filter as it is in SUPER 6 and a flexible digital filter), assignable to DDS1, DDS2, VCO3
  • effect section with competitive studio quality effects incl. reverb
  • super flexible modulation matrix (“all with all”)
  • each potentiometer or switch shall have an LED, showing if the selected value is as programmed or not
  • LFO 1 as in SUPER 6, dedicated to DDS1
  • LFO 2 as in SUPER 6, but dedicated to DDS2 and with possibility to set LFO2 frequency equal to LFO1 with defined phase shift to LFO1 (to make stereo effects with rotating DDS1 and DDS2 following DDS1 or both rotating independently)
  • LFO3 as LFO2 in SUPER 6
  • 3 x EG
  • motion sequencer (recording manipulations on potentiometers)
  • Waveforms as in SUPER 6
  • Wave sequencing: select waveforms by the dedicated buttons and DDS1 shall play the sequence of the defined waveforms
  • 2 expression pedals shall be assignable (e.g. one for volume, other for modulation)
  • Audio OUT shall be internally connectable to Audio IN to extract the waveform from a played note (or chord) and use this as a new waveform
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@OurDarkness thanks man for the cool graphic!!

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@udo-audio Independent LFO’s / voice would be an amazing feature for any new product idea. The Oberheim Four Voice has this an its insane.

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@gobenji the super 6 already has LFO1 per voice if that’s what you mean? The new update shortly to come out makes LFO2 also ‘per voice’ for modulations although key reset is not enabled because synced/single lfo is crucial to many “classic” sounds


I vote for something completely different that I wouldn’t have thought of (not just a souped up Super 6, mono version, or whatever), with the same high build quality and interface design. I confess that I occasionally miss a small screen on the Super 6 (Sequential implemented these well–please no touchscreens!).

On the next synth, I vote for a more flexible modwheel. Or maybe a springed joystick instead.

But yes, please continue the Super because there’s so much left on the table!


@udo-audio Maybe I didn’t describe it well enough. Check out the Oberheim SEM if you’re not familiar. The Four Voice is 4 of them. Each voice is completely independent of the others. You have unique oscillator pitch, LFO, env, modulation amount, etc… for each voice. There’s lots of interesting things that could be done using some or all of these features in a new product.

p.s. I love my Super 6. Keep up the good work!

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