Super 6 editor

I don’t know. Are they doing their own editor?

If this is the case, sorry to say but I would not understand as they have been aware of my work and design since the beginning. I informed them about the progress and gave them screenshots of my work ahead of any publication in this forum.
Would not be very fair play from them… and, if it is the case, I hope they will not steal my design.
From another angle, seeing the leadtime of providing a full featured OS 1.0, I would not understand why they would spend time on developing an editor knowing that someone else is doing it.
If this is the case, they should have better allocated their resources in getting the Super 6 right than developing something that they know is coming and that they could have supported.
That would explain why they are not answering my questions, making me loose a lot of time in guessing and analyzing hundreds of patches to understand some basic info (but my friend and I have built different small programs supporting us with that so we start to be equipped).

But again, I’m not aware this has been confirmed by UDO.

No, I was referring to the state of their firmware, 0.30 etc.

Ha OK!
Well, I will also be depending on that. The panel can only implement according to their current state of things and I will of course follow carefully.
I’m using some temporary tricks to compensate from lack of basic stuff.
For example, I’m using patch A1-P1 as storage when you make some changes on a patch (like DDS1 or LFO1 alt waves changes) or when loading a patch from your computer or another bank.
This will be done as long as it is not possible to directly write in the edit buffer with a sysex command.

Developing a synth is much more complex than making an editor so the guys at UDO have my deep respect and people should be patient and understand that they are a small team even if we would all
like to see things going faster.

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@goodweather thanks for all your work on this. My advice—don’t promise free updates forever. There may come a point where it’s a lot of work and you’ll want something for your time.

That said, I’ll definitely be ordering.

@JES Thx for your kind words!
Well, I can tell you that with the time spent on this editor/librarian I will never get paid at the level of my daily work salary.
That being said, I think that updates on bought software should always be free. People trusted you when buying your product earlier than others and they should be rewarded for that.
This doesn’t mean that any new enhancement request will be done (it has to be useful for all) and it doesn’t mean either that the price of the editor will not increase a bit later on :wink:
On top of that, bug corrections should always be done and it is obvious you should not charge the users for that.


@HermetechMastering Copy wave implemented with display of waves on both source and destination :wink:

The only temporary issue (need to decide on a solution) is that when you have for example a program with a sine wave in DDS1 and that you copy to it a non standard wave from another patch, the waveform indicated inside the s6 patch file is still the one of the sine wave.
I don’t know how UDO is doing to indicate that the DDS1 (LFO1) wave is neither one of the standard wave neither one of the 32 alternative waves. I’m sure they do that but don’t know how at this stage.

The display of fixed and user modulations is also OK.
Now working on reading/writing additional info related to the patches (author, category, description, step by step usage.


FANTASTIC!!! Can’t wait to try it.

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Very excited for this. Thanks so much for your work. Love this synth so much, and having something to visualize and wrap my head around a lot of the patches is going to be a real game changer for me personally.