Super 6 editor

v1.2 coming normally this w-e with some corrections and new features :wink:


I purchased this yesterday haven’t uploaded to my PC yet but very much appreciate all the work spent developing this.

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Thx Damien! You will enjoy it even more with the 1.2!
Some teaser: sliders are moving when moved on the synth (in CC low res mode) and programs are changed when changed on the synth (really cool - press Patch on the synth then just move from one program to the other; the editor follows).
… and other goodies


Super 6 editor and librarian v1.2 released and sent to all curent users.

  • Added Arp Hold button"
  • Program changes on synth are recognized by the panel. Just stay in patch mode and change programs 😉
  • Stacked LEDs for Unison Size and Arp Range
  • Bank and Program rotaries are adapted when loading from the synth or the Bank manager
  • Review of switches and momentary buttons
  • Added wave horizontal and vertical flips
  • Added wave rough (stepped) or smooth up-sampling to 4096 samples (it was only smooth linear interpolation in the v1.1)
  • Correction: Chorus was not changed when changed on the synth
  • Correction: Load program in Program Proceed was not loading the right program
  • Correction: Sliders are moving when receiving Midi CC messages from the synth (LoRes)
  • Warning: still an issue with Sliders receiving Midi NRPN messages from the synth (HiRes)

“At this stage there is also no Save program function from the panel due to the lack of documentation and detailed information on the individual parameters way of working towards the patch file but this is worked on and is the top priority for the next version.”

@udo-audio please provide the doc for this solution!

v1.3 released with ability to read the different .s6 patch files versions and sizes.
Adaptation of the Load for the different versions not done yet (version 0.6 of the patch file added bytes for ModWheel as source).

Now working on the Save
Raised a few questions to George about some bytes

Hope it will soon be able to directly reach the actual edit buffer to avoid using A1-P1 as edit buffer.
Some people reported that it was sometimes needed to press A1-P1 to hear the change.
I guess it is because I’m issuing the program change to A1-P1 faster than the actual A1-P1 is replaced.
I will introduce a small 50 or 100ms delay in the next version.


Hi Goodweather. Do you have an instructional video on how to install the editor properly?

Hi Okke, I don’t have one but could maybe do one later on.
But I’m explaining step by step what the users have to do.
The installation itself is straightforward (simple extraction of files; but on Mac, VST and AU to be placed in the right folders).

Then this is what I have written in the Quick start manual and main manual:

First things to do after installation

  • After installation, start your Super 6 then the panel.
    By default the S6 drive is read-only. To allow the panel to update the drive content (replacing programs, waves…) you need to power-on the S6 while pressing the Patch button. Any changes made on the drive will then be directly available.

  • The first thing to do is to select the Super 6 as Input and Output Midi device and to set the corresponding Midi channels (see Communication with your Super 6 synth on p10).

  • Click on the AddInfo folder button (see Panel Settings on p35) and indicate the folder that will contain the Additional Information related to the banks and programs (see Additional Information on p30). Copy the provided Factory bank_AddInfo.xml and the Super6_Drive_AddInfo.xml file into that folder.

  • The Super6_Drive_AddInfo.xml will not contain the right information and you will have to adapt it gradually later on.

  • Then go to the Super 6 browser and Info tab and click on the Super 6 button. You should select the top folder of the Super 6 drive (see Super 6 drive browser on p33)

  • Finally, copy the A1-P1 program of your synth to a safe place as it will be used as “edit buffer” by the panel when performing some actions.

  • Decide to set the Switch to A1-P1 button to either ON or OFF. When ON, a program change message is sent to the synth when the A1-P1 program is replaced making the synth switch to A1-P1 after the underlying .s6 program file has been replaced.


The work on the Save is progressing.
To make it easier than exchanging emails, I got the opportunity to have a meeting with George to get answers to my tricky questions and that was really nice.
Will be more meetings when I will have digested/handled those first answers.

The Super 6 is nicely complex and great!


Great work, Dominic. Same great synth just gets better all the time. I love playing my blue Super-6, which always sounds massive, compare with any of my other synths.


Shame that the S6 editor took the grey UDO as template though. I am not buying the editor for now as I fear it might not be compatible with my blue S6. It was such an odd design choice esp when everyone knows that blue synths sound better than their grey counterparts. :laughing:
Seriously, am not buying it yet but it’s clearly a potential for near future. Any Black Friday promotion ?


It’s a great editor, but I also wish it was available with a Blue skin to match my keyboard!

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Love you guys!
I personally think that the grey one sound better but the reality is that I have the white desktop :joy:
The fact is that I indeed preferred the black/grey one so I started with it. It required quite much work to find a good layout to fit all controls, etc…
But now that this is done I can indeed redo it in blue and provide a switch to change the layout as I did for the Matriarch, Grandmother and 2600. Just a question of priority :wink:
And I have also planned to make a version of the editor for the desktop. That one will be a separate panel but users will of course get both desktop and keyboard editors.


I owe you an apology. Having just read this entire forum (!), the editor is clearly working. When announced, I imagined nothing could be done and it would remain a pretty user interface, with nothing going on under the bonnet/hood. However, it’s not for me, as I have a Windows XP laptop and eMac on 1.3 or something, and am not that interested in computers to get anything newer.

Loading new patches and user waves from the laptop is clunky, but it’s so quick to whip up a new patch, only been done twice. My new creations are simply written down on paper, in a book, to keep track of them. I’m very happy doing that, for now anyway.

Hi there, where can I purchase the editor?


Please send me an email at Thanks!

Hi there,

does anyone use the “Sunnysynths” panel editor with Logic ProX on Mac OS Catalina? I am experiencing a lot of trouble. Both plugin and standalone are NOT connecting with the synth at all (no midi connection via USB, etc.) I can select Super6 drive and the add. info folder on my computer, but that`s about it.

Is the editor working with Logic at all?


Hi Jochen. The editor works fine in standalone and Logic. I reply you by email so we can trace your specific issue. Don’t panic :wink:

I am not panicing. :wink::wink::wink:

Good! Let’s try to find your setup issue. Sometimes it is some obvious stuff just in front of our nose and that we don’t see. Cross fingers :wink: