Super 6 editor

v1.2 coming normally this w-e with some corrections and new features :wink:


I purchased this yesterday haven’t uploaded to my PC yet but very much appreciate all the work spent developing this.

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Thx Damien! You will enjoy it even more with the 1.2!
Some teaser: sliders are moving when moved on the synth (in CC low res mode) and programs are changed when changed on the synth (really cool - press Patch on the synth then just move from one program to the other; the editor follows).
… and other goodies


Super 6 editor and librarian v1.2 released and sent to all curent users.

  • Added Arp Hold button"
  • Program changes on synth are recognized by the panel. Just stay in patch mode and change programs πŸ˜‰
  • Stacked LEDs for Unison Size and Arp Range
  • Bank and Program rotaries are adapted when loading from the synth or the Bank manager
  • Review of switches and momentary buttons
  • Added wave horizontal and vertical flips
  • Added wave rough (stepped) or smooth up-sampling to 4096 samples (it was only smooth linear interpolation in the v1.1)
  • Correction: Chorus was not changed when changed on the synth
  • Correction: Load program in Program Proceed was not loading the right program
  • Correction: Sliders are moving when receiving Midi CC messages from the synth (LoRes)
  • Warning: still an issue with Sliders receiving Midi NRPN messages from the synth (HiRes)