Working on a web-based companion tool for Super 6

I’d like to announce an ongoing personal project to develop a web-based companion tool for the Super 6. It runs in the web-browser and uses the Web MIDI API standard for communication. It is still in an early developement state and will need more work before it can be released.

All development and code is published on GitHub:

Currently many of the MIDI controls for the Super 6 have been implemented. The tool receives and sends MIDI to update current state of the Super 6. I also plan to include a keyboard view.

The modulation matrix is probably the most interesting bit to add. I will probably wait for the firmware support for MIDI before working on that.

Online patch management will not be supported as it will complicate web hosting. I want to keep this tool as simple as possible. But I do want to support patch loading on the Super 6 so you can view how controls have been set.

Hope more of you will find a tool like this useful and I’d be happy to look at suggestions for improving it.


Amazing work! Looking forward to seeing it in action. :slight_smile:

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outstanding. but i have concerns regarding its functionality. not in anyway because i lack confidence in your abilities but because the midi on this is still atrocious and needs to be addressed.

May be a bit off topic here, but for the Patch piece, do you know whether the format of the file is publicly available? I have poked around the file and found where the waveform info is stored and a few other bits, but overall not much else is clear about the rest.

No I assume you would need to work out from the init patch to map each parameter. I tried some but wasn´t motivated enough :slight_smile:

Cool, I plan on poking at this more as I am a glutton for punishment. This will all go more smoothly once I get the synth.


kudos for the great work, UDO should send you a free S6 as this will probably help them make more sales :wink:

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This looks really cool. Are you still working on this?

does it work in its current state with the latest firmware?

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Yes, still working on it but waiting on the next firmware before I continue development. Midi is working in web-browsers with Web MIDI support.


That’s awesome.

I’m on a M1 Mac what’s the best easiest way to try your project?

Is there a public URL that you have that I can go to and connect it to my synth?

Or do I download the HTML files and try and run it locally?

If local do I need some sort of webserver on my computer?

I used to use iis web server on a pc 15 years ago but not sure now.

Sorry for all the questions.

Cheers Troy

I got it working. Just wondering is the plan when CC gets fixed that when you load up a patch that you can see the patch in the web interface and LEARN what has been set?

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Not yet as it only receive CC when you interact with the S6. If there is some sysex option available I´ll look into that.