A way to automate adjustments in DAW? [automation]

Hoping someone can clue me in on whether there is a method of automating panel adjustments in the DAW (Ableton, in my case).

The knobs and sliders send cc data, right? So what is the optimal way to set up automation? This is simple with VSTs or the Polybrute (using PB Connect) but I have no idea when it comes to the S6, which btw I treasure more than the PB.

There are two modes, cc and nrpn. Cc is better unless you want fine control. SHIFT → TX/RX E → buttons P1-P3 set TRANSMIT - RECEIVE - HIRES (NRPN) check manual for cc and nrpn list

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Thanks. I will try to work it out with cc as trying to figure out NRPN will likely take too much time away from composition.

Would LOVE something for S6 that provides total hardware state recall and easy automation assignment within DAW, as well as the ability to see what all the settings are on any given patch. :slight_smile:

If someone made this in Max4Live I would buy in a second, assuming its possible.

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@DDS we’ve had a lot of interest in this and community members are working on their own projects etc. Just checking we’ve captured this as a potential development. We have Max experience in house


ooooooo! that would be AWESOME!

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