Trying to automate resonance in an Ableton clip. I must be missing something

Hi all,

Hoping someone can help me with this one, I think I may be missing something super basic. I have a clip in Ableton and am trying to automate some of the CCs its sending to my Super 6. I’ve got my clip sending a F# to my Super 6. The synth is playing the note perfectly. I’ve got the Super 6 synced to the Ableton clock.

In the clip’s envelopes, I am trying to automate a few things, like the patch’s resonance, which should be midi channel 71.

When I play the clip the note pays perfectly, but there’s no change to the resonance. What am I doing wrong?

Hi, For me, it works!

Do I need to do anything on the Super 6 to make it register the incoming CC from Ableton? If the Super 6 is playing the notes in the Ableton clip and also responding to the velocity settings in Ableton, I am straight up confused as to why it’s not reading the CC info I’m sending. I’m using the manual, entering in the correct CC numbers.

Look in the manual because there are settings on the Super 6 that determine whether it responds to such messages, and whether it uses CC’s or higher resolution NRPN’s.

(TX/RX E in the global settings, around pages 108-109 of current manual ). Button 2 needs to be active in that section to receive those messages.

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