Suddenly unresponsive when receiving Notes through USB

My Udo is connected through USB, when I send midi notes from Ableton the synth hangs up lots of times.
First I get something like latenty noises later when I turn the controls and knobs of the synth it stop reacting.
Does anyone have similar behaviour?

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I experience the same thing. I’m using Ableton in a setup with many other midi devices and wonder if one is sending midi that the Super 6 Desktop isn’t expecting.


I experience the same thing too with a MIDI Keyboard (Arturia Keystep 37). :frowning:
There is an open topic on MIDI issues here : ARP Not Responsive in ABLETON After I Stop Track


I think I got it fixed:

What helped was this:

“Make sure to double check that you don’t have some kind of MIDI loop happening. A good way to avoid it is to turn local mode off on the synth. Yes you have latency by monitoring though the software, but you can’t loop back on accident then.”

I’m having the same issue. I’m on the latest firmware. 0.53. I’m using the module version.
I play midi notes to it and sliders/knobs seem to work fine. But then I stop and change the midi notes and then sliders such as the FREQ/cuttoff are unresponsive. Some sliders work, such as RES, and if I use them, it seems to get the unresponsive FREQ one working again.

Turning local mode off obviously won’t help this issue as you disable all hands-on controls.

I’m using MIDI over the USB connection on a separate midi port (6) - no midi loops. I also tried this with only the midi cables, and still had the issue.

Definitely seems like a bug