Problem of latency + arpeggiator tempo not working


I recently purchased the Super 6.

I explain you the problem I have for the moment. A week ago I tried to clock my Super 6 with my Ableton, I touched a little bit the midi parameter of the Super 6. Not having succeeded in doing what I wanted, I left my synth aside. I wanted to try again this morning but there came the problem. Without even connecting it in midi, but just by playing with my headphones, I have latency on the keys and some weird sound coming up in the fews first secondes, and this every time I’m switching of patch. When I’m playing there is even key not working. When I’m putting on the arpegiator, the light of the tempo button is not even flashing, and it’s not working.

I’m really asking myself if there was a way to just restore everything. Maybe I did some ** with the midi parameter.

Thanks have a good day.


Hello, yes it’s possible that it’s a bug, you can disable the midi synchro and start stop, leds 2 and 3 (shift + ext clk) and see what happen, if always issue you can reset the global setting (press and hold the " manual " button for 5 seconds until all leds turn off and on again, after release the button.

It’s working again!

Thanks Paolo:)

" It’s working again! "
Good News…