S6 midi cc

I have had the Super 6 for a couple of years now but didn’t really have the time to properly learn it. So lately I have tried again to learn how to best take advantage of controlling the synth via midi. I have connected S6 to my computer via USB. I managed to make a clip in Ableton and draw automation envelopes for pitch, filter cutoff, and resonance when having only Button 2 on in global settings for TXRX E. I have this part of the manual several times but can’t fully get a clear understanding how to set everything up. Running an automation from Ableton the S6 doesn’t respond to moving the FREQ slider on the synth but moving the RES has an effect. Also S6 is not responding when I’m turning the Mixer knob between DDS1 and DDS2. Also the LFO1 RATE acts weird.

I would like to map all its parameters to an Instrument Rack with External Instrument device on it as in the screenshot below but can’t make it work. Only the VCF Cutoff seems to work this way. Is this something that is not possible with the current firmware? Is this something that will be fixed with the future update?

Plus one for this. I’ve really struggled to map the Gemini in ableton.

This seems to be working for me however to get this working and experiment I created an instrument rack, and then dropped in a Max For Live “8 CCs” device followed by the Ext. Instrument. You can then select which CC’s you want to use and use the Map feature to map them to the macros of the Instrument rack. To record automation from the Super 6 I midi mapped the relevant slider to the macro. I’m on the latest firmware.

On the Super 6 I have buttons 1 and 2 in the TX/RX E section. The other thing to check is that you have both Track and Remote ticked on the midi in and out section in your Ableton preferences.

Let me know if any of that helps. I’ve attached images of my midi preferences and the instrument rack I made just now.

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Thank you for answering and going through the process. I will try this out when I have some time. I also heard of a M4L plugin called Control Change 8.5 by Robert Henke. Would be great though if this worked without any workarounds.

Thank you, I just needed to enable remote!

this is great! thanks for the love on the M4l device too!