Ableton template for sequencing and controlling Super 6

I made an Instrument Rack in Ableton where I have routed Super 6 as an External Instrument. I tried to map different parameters (cutoff, resonance, decay etc.) of the Super 6 to macros but it seemes not to register any more of those than the cutoff for some reason. Has anyone made this work properly? I think i have setup Super 6 to send and receive midi CC messages. Would be great to be able to automate everything from Ableton.

I tried using the External Instrument device to do this in Ableton before and also could not get it to work. Your best bet is to check out the Live manual’s section on the External Instrument device and to contact Ableton if you are still having issues. Their customer support has been really good in my experience.

If you have Suite and access to Max4Live, there are other ways to get the similar results you are looking for (plus more flexibility). In the past, I have set the S6 as the output on a midi track, routed the output to a separate audio track when ready to record, and put this M4L device on the midi track: CC Sender 16 version 1.0 by THenriK on

It basically gives you 16 knobs which you can map to any midi CC on the S6. You can then not only automate them in the traditional DAW way, but you can also use all of the M4L modifiers and apply them to whichever CCs you want to modulate/automate.

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