Upper panel knobs and faders suddenly irresponsives


My MPC One is connected to my Super 6 Desktop via MIDI DIN [MPC One MIDI out → Super 6 MIDI in | No MIDI connection from Super 6 MIDI out to MPC One | Super 6 USB not connected to computer, MPC One on other devices)

Super 6 Desktop is set up to receive Program Changes from MPC One.

Yesterday, I was browsing Super 6 presets (MPC One was sending program changes to change presets) and
playing chords (notes were sent by MPC One), without changing the presets parameters. It worked fine.

Few minutes later, I decided to tweak a preset on Super 6 :frowning:

  • I moved the LFO 1 rate… noting happened (and the LED did bot blink faster or slower).
  • I moved both Env1 e Env2 faders : no changes in the sound.
  • I moved the Oscillators faders : no changes in the sound.
  • I moved all faders… no changes.

Only the volume fader was working. :nauseated_face:

Faders and knobs of the lowar panel were working (bu I forgot to try LFO2) :roll_eyes:

I reset th Super 6 (press and hold MENU for more of 5 secondes, …) : reset was completed, but it did not fixed the issue :frowning:

Finally, I “power cycled” my Super 6 Desktop and it worked again :frowning:

Today, I performed the same actions (I think) and it worked fine. :thinking:

Have you ever had this problem ?
Have you figured out how to fix it without powercycle the Super 6 ?

My Super 6 Desktop runs firmware 0.53

There are really too many bugs on my Super 6 It spoils the fun of using it. :hot_face: :rage:
It’s really a shame because he makes such great sounds.

YES There are really too many bugs on the Super 6 DESKTOP
Devs please fix the bugs before you implement features !
The audio balance on the right and left outputs are still not correct
HOT ON ONE SIDE by xxx db.

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